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Hengyang Launches ‘the Third Three-Year Action Plan’ for the Protection and Management of the Xiang River
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2019-08-29 09:00:02 [A  A]
This year is the opening year of ‘the Key Project No.1’ and ‘the third three -year action plan’ for the protection and management of the Xiang River. ,  On the morning of August 20th, after a field investigation on some of the drinking water source protected area in district and patrolling in the upstream district along the Xiang river, Zheng Jianxin, secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee,  held the opening meeting of the third three-year action plan for the protection and management of Xiang river, and expected to thoroughly carry out Xi’s idea of ecological civilization, build up a right view on political achievement, boost confidence and ensure that the plan of protecting and managing Xiang River goes on wheels. Vice-Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee and mayor DengQun attended the meeting at the same time.  

In the morning, Zheng Jianxin arrived at the protected areas in the south of the city, and had a field investigation about the condition of drinking water source protection, then required to enhance all sorts of protective measures to make sure that all the sources in the city are at a safe standard and have no risk at all. Later, While patrolling along the upstream district of Xiang river, Zheng Jianxin focused on the inspection of water quality, riverway’s cleaning quality, and the embankment safety of Xiang river etc. Then he assigned the problems and hidden troubles that had been found in the scene, expecting stronger supervision and law enforcement to protect the Xiang river so that people can enjoy more benefits of ecological management.

“The protection and management of the Xiang river concerns every citizens’ interests and no one can stay out of it.” In the meeting, after hearing a full report of related circumstances, Zheng Jianxin expounded on the importance and urgency of the protection and management of the Xiang river with his own work and life experience and what he had heard and seen,Zheng required the whole city to promote its political station and firmly establish a right view of developments and political achievements .
“Pollution control and ecological protection will become more and more difficult with the time goes by..”Zheng Jianxin emphasized that departments at all levels of the city need to keep heads clear, strengthen ‘problem-oriented’ awareness, focus on key issues like the water environment quality of tributaries in the Xiang river, protection of the drinking water sources, treatment of historical pollution, construction of the urban and rural environmental infrastructure, regulation and law enforcement as well as provincial public supervisions etc. Pay special attention to the implementation of protecting and managing each project of Xiang river, aim at building the most beautiful prefecture-level city and make sure all the problems are completely settled, which will bring along the realization of the objects in the protection and management of the Xiang river.

translator: Li Zhongliang
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