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Railway Department Offering More Passenger Trains via Hengyang Station
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2019-08-13 20:31:00 [A  A]


On the morning of August 8, the reporter learned from the Railway Department that in order to better meet the passage travel demand, the passage trains via Hengyang Station will be opened from the middle and late August to the beginning of September. The details are as follows:

From August 10th to September 2nd, there will be K6603/6 from Dongguan East to Yueyang (2:34 am) and K6605/4 from Yueyang to Dongguan East ( 22:19 from Hengyang Station). From August 10th to September 1st, there will be K6554/1 from Yongzhou to Shenzhen East (1:08 am at Hengyang Station). From August 11th to September 2nd, K6552/3 from Shenzhen East to Yongzhou (7:18 am at Hengyang Station ). From 2 August to 1 September, K6565/8 from Changde to Huizhou (1:14 am at Hengyang Station ). From August 3rd to September 2nd, K6567/6 from Huizhou to Changde (1:38 am at Hengyang Station) will be offered.

On August 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and September 1, there will be K6563 from Changsha to Yongzhou (11:47am at Hengyang Station), and K6564 from Yongzhou to Changsha (16:52). From August 12 to 16, 19 to 23, 26 to 30, K6562 from Zhangzhou to Yueyang (9:27 am at Hengyang Station), and K6561 from Yueyang to Hengyang (21:38 at Hengyang Station) will be added. From 1 to 31 August (every other day) and from 10 to 30 August (every other day), the additional K6588/9 from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie (22:35 at Hengyang Station) will be open to passengers. From 3 August to 2 September (every other day) and from 12 August to 1 September (every other day), K6590/87 from Zhangjiajie to Guangzhou (3:26 am at Hengyang Station) will be added.

It is worth mentioning that during the peak time of the summer holiday, with busy passenger flow in the station, please try to exchange paper tickets in advance if ordering tickets online, get on the train with tickets consistent with the valid ID card, and get to the station in advance for ticket verification procedures, so as not to delay the trip.


Translator: Jing

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