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Did You Exercise today? The First "Health Theme Park" in Zhuhui District Completed
From:www.e0734.com.cn | Date Add in:2019-06-12 16:00:02 [A  A]

The new is reported by correspondent Li Mingjing and reporter Tang Lanrong. "Walk 10,000 steps a day and balance your diet and exercise, you will enjoy a healthy lifetime. " On May 28, the first health theme park was completed on the basis of Fengfan Square on the east coast scenery belt of Xiangjiang River, which was rebuilt and constructed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Zhuhui District . A series of striking health signs remind citizens to set up health concept and take more exercises.



The east coast scenery belt of Xiangjiang River is the main place for citizens' daily leisure activities with beautiful environment and charming scenery. Nowadays, health and sports elements are integrated into the park, which integrates recreation, sports, leisure and entertainment.The author sees that in the park, through the establishment of health publicity boards, fitness equipment, exercise venues, rest places and other facilities, natural, ecological, sports, health design concepts are integrated into them, leading residents to a new way of healthy life. At the beginning of the 1000-metre health walk, there is a sign of "Health Theme Park" and "Healthy Walkway Schematic ". On both sides of the walkway , there are health knowledge billboards, walking meters and walking steps indicators, advocating healthy lifestyles such as reasonable diet, moderate exercise, psychological balance, smoking cessation and alcohol cessation.


"It not only enriches the leisure life of citizens, but also provides a good platform for citizens' fitness and entertainment activities.” a citizen named Liu Xiangyuan said that after the "healthy walkway" was laid out, he would come here with his neighbours or his families in good weather and walk a few circles.The head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Zhuhui District also said that the further development of the national healthy lifestyle action requires the creation of a healthy living atmosphere. The health theme park is based on the healthy walkway, with health tips and health reminders as the theme, forming a health education base with modern health publicity characteristics.The aim is to actively create a supportive environment and atmosphere for healthy lifestyle and improve the popularity of healthy life knowledge. At the same time, it is also convenient for citizens to know their own physical condition.





translator: Li Zhongliang

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