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Fully sprint to ensure “Admission Ticket” for the National Health City
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2019-08-14 21:53:40 [A  A]


From June 12th, the provincial health assessment team will come to Hengyang to conduct provincial-level technical assessment of the establishment of national health city work. On the afternoon of June 6th, the National Health City Unannounced Supervision and Supervision Conference was held. Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of the municipal party committee, stressed at the meeting that it is necessary to strive for the city and fight with utmost urgency. With a high sense of urgency and responsibility, we should do our best to ensure that we successfully pass the provincial inspection and evaluation and successfully obtain the reputation as a national health city. Deng Qunze, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the nine special teams separately reported on the relevant situation. The relevant responsible persons of the five districts and the municipal districts and the two districts made speeches respectively, and the leaders of the participating cities spoke separately. Zheng Jianxin carefully listened to everyone’s speech and asked for exchanges from time to time to make arrangements for the deployment. He affirmed the hard work and achievements achieved by everyone in the previous stage of the work ,pointing out that the value and temperament of Hengyang has been further improved. Zheng Jianxin also stressed that some inadequacies and gaps were found in the unannounced inspections. All departments at all levels in the city must continue to carry forward the style of tackling difficulties, with a high sense of urgency and responsibility, clenching their teeth and sprinting to ensure a smooth passage so as to further improve the living environment of the city and enhance the sense of citizenship, happiness and security.

It is necessary to highlight the key points, ensure the bottom points, adhere to the assessment orientation, and focus on the promotion, sanitation facilities, catering hygiene, construction sites, stations, markets and other key areas, and places. We should also work effectively according to the requirements to benchmark the problems, striving to create a number of examples that highlight Hengyang characteristics. Key officials at all levels should address the blind spots in person, find out and solve problems. We must always stand in the position of the masses when thinking about problems, and insist on the combination of guiding norms and punishment for chaos. All relevant units must do their due diligence, better improve the files, and do a good job in the basic work of assessment.

Leaders including Liao Jian, Liu Lihua, Liu Zeyou, Hu Zhiwen, Zhou Yumei, Yang Longjin, Peng Yuming, Xu Yunsheng and Tang Wenfeng attended the meeting.


Translator: Jing

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