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Deng Qunce: build a beautiful eco-environmental countryside
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2019-04-13 18:00:01 [A  A]

On the morning of April 11, Deng Qunce, Deputy Secretary and Mayor of Hengyang Municipal Committee, went to Hengnan County for investigation and stressed that we should adhere to the idea of people-centered development, speed up the development of Camellia oleifera industry, promote the precise poverty alleviation work effectively and develop agricultural production steadily, so as to build a beautiful eco-environmental countryside and let people have more sense of achievement and happiness.

The Camellia oleifera plantation in Sanfu Village, Santang Town, Hengnan County is not only an industrial poverty alleviation project, but also an experimental demonstration base for Hengyang Science and Technology Correspondent. The planting technology of Camellia oleifera in hilly purple land is being studied. Deng pointed out that Hengyang has a large area of hilly purple land which is composed of purple shales, if the technology test is successful so that it will have bright prospects. It's hoped that enterprises will tackle the technique problems soon and popularize the pilot project in the whole city after success, so as to help Hengyang speed up the construction as "the Best City of Camellia oleifera in China".

"Where did you get your income? " "Are there any priorities do your children enjoy in school?” In Riguang Village, Jilong Town, Deng randomly consulted poverty alleviation archives and visited Wang Chengsheng’s family, a poor household, and asked. Deng enjoined on Wang's wife that creating a better tomorrow should rely on your own diligent hands, and cultivating children well and reshaping destiny with knowledge plays a critical role. Besides, Deng demanded that Hengnan County should firmly further advance the targeted poverty alleviation work and increase the intensity of industrial poverty alleviation, broaden the channels for farmers to increase income and effectively improve the effectiveness of poverty alleviation to win the battle against poverty.

In Honghu Village of Quanhu Town, the streams are rippling and the village is beautified and greened in an all-round way. The newly built Agricultural Culture Square named after "the 8th day of the second month of Chinese lunar calendar" is also unique. Deng indicated that we should, on the base of local characteristics, research and develop non-legacies creatively, give full play to the role of culture in promoting development and harmony, and create beautiful countryside with unique cultural connotations. At the same time, we should further advance the improvement of rural human settlements, accelerate the construction of township sewage treatment facilities, strive to eliminate urban and rural black and odorous water bodies, and build beautiful countryside with modern civilization and idyllic scenery.


Translator: Jing


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