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Examination Achievement of the City’s River Charger System in 2018
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2019-04-12 16:00:01 [A  A]
On April 9, 2018, the performance appraisal of the city’s river charger system was released. Among them, Qidong County was rated as an advanced county at the provincial level, Hengshan County, Hengyang County and Hengdong County as an advanced county at the municipal level, Yanfeng District and Shigu District as an advanced district at the municipal level.

In 2018, all departments at all levels in the city earnestly implemented the central government, provincial and municipal committees and municipal governments’ decision-making and deployment on river charger system. River chargers at all levels actively patrolled rivers and performed their duties. All departments jointly controlled and protected rivers. All sectors of society participated in the activity volunteerly. All works were vigorously promoted, and remarkable results were achieved in river management and protection. In accordance with the “Detailed Rules for the Examination of the River or Lake Charger System in Hunan Province in 2018”, the Municipal Governor’s Office, together with the member units of the Municipal River Commission, organized and carried out the evaluation of the river or lake charger system in the whole city in 2018. After county (city) self-evaluation, department preliminary evaluation, on-site secret visit and comprehensive evaluation, Districts or counties of Changning, Zhengxiang, Nanyue, Zhuhui, Pinewood Economic Development Zone, Baisha Industrial Park and High-tech Development Zone are appraised as “better”. Districts or counties of Leiyang and Hengnan are qualified. At the same time, according to the Notice on the Activities of “Striving for Excellence” in River Charger System, our city has also selected 13 advanced townships such as Taihetang Town. 13 are chosen as advanced villages (communities) of River Charger System, and 9 are excellent rivers such as Taohua River, Baiguo Town.

Relevant heads of municipal water resources departments said that this year, the whole city will further promote the river charger system in accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial governments. Focusing on the main tasks of river coastline management, water resources protection, water pollution prevention, water environment management and water ecological restoration, special actions will be carried out to guide the broad participation of the masses, strive to improve the river appearance and promote the establishment of the river charger system from an all-round way to all-round effect.

Translated by Xie Caihong
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