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Zheng Jianxin participates in delegation of Zhengxiang District to discuss how to build a model area of most beautiful urban area
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2019-01-10 20:00:01 [A  A]
On January 8, Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of the Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, participated in the group discussion of the delegation of Zhengxiang District at the Fifth Session of the 15th Municipal People’s Congress. He emphasized that Zhengxiang District should seize opportunities and development first, transform its own advantages into greater development, be a good leader in economic and high-quality development.

On the scene of the discussion, delegates to the NPC spoke enthusiastically. They believed that the report was based on Hengyang’s reality, summarized the achievements comprehensively, objectively and realistically, focused on the deployment work and took effective measures. It was a pragmatic, enterprising, confidence-boosting and morale-boosting report. Delegates made positive suggestions on resolving the financing difficulties and expensive problems of private enterprises, rural infrastructure construction, deepening the reform of “release control clothing” and optimizing the business environment.

Zheng Jianxin said that in the past year, the “transcripts” of the Zhengxiang District have been remarkable, the overall strength of the region has become stronger and stronger, the urban and rural landscape has become more and more beautiful, people’s livelihood security has become more solid, and the political ecology has become better and better. It is hoped that Xiangxiang District will further integrate its thoughts and actions into the decision making and deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Guided by the spirit of the “two sessions”, it will continue to maintain a good momentum of development, strengthen its confidence and determination, take advantage of the situation and strive to promote the development of Zhengxiang District to achieve greater results.

Zheng Jianxin emphasized that Zhengxiang District is the political and economic center of the whole city. It is the first well-off county in the city, the first city with financial revenue of over 2 billion yuan, and the only civilized city at the provincial level. In order to transform these advantages into greater development potential, Zhengxiang District should focus on expanding and strengthening industrial projects, focus on supporting the construction of Hengyang Steel Company’s deep processing Industrial Park and Dayingling Town’s small and medium-sized enterprise processing park, actively integrate into the city’'s “3311” project plan, and create the preferred area for undertaking industries. We should focus on accelerating the upgrading of Tourism quality, accelerating the urban vacation area of Yumu Mountain Overseas Chinese Town and the Chinese Emperor’s Legend. The construction progress of small towns should be improved, the infrastructure and public services of scenic spots such as Yumu Mountain Landscape Avenue should be improved, and the surrounding scenic spots and towns should be developed in conjunction with each other so as to create a demonstration area for tourism in the whole region. We should focus on improving the level of urban construction management, upholding scientific planning, exquisite construction, exquisite management and smart growth, accelerate the upgrading of cities. The transformation of shanty towns and villages in cities should comprehensively improve the appearance of the city and create the model areas of the most beautiful urban areas. Efforts should be made to safeguard and improve people’s livelihood, focusing on the poverty alleviation of special urban groups, promoting the establishment of peace and security, constantly enhancing the sense of happiness and security of the people, and creating the first good areas of a well-off society in an all-round way. Efforts should be made to promote the strict management of the Party in an all-round way and constantly improve the quality of Party building at the grass-roots and the effect, to create the strongest executable model area.

City leaders Deng Ke and Zhou Yumei participated in the group discussion.

Translated by Xie Caihong
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