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Great Strength of Women to Make New Greater Contributions: Opening Of 15th Women’s Congress In Hengyang City
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2018-12-06 23:00:02 [A  A]
Women should be heartfelt towards the Party and build a new era of meritorious service. On the morning of December 4, the 15th Women’s Congress of Hengyang City opened. Jiang Xin, Chairman of the Provincial Women’s Federation, and Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee attended the opening ceremony and made speeches. Zheng Jianxin sent a message to the vast number of women and women workers in the city, who are determined to forge ahead and make new and greater contributions to the success of building a well-off Hengyang in an all-round way and a truly provincial sub-central city and the most beautiful prefecture-level city. Deng Qunce, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and mayor of the municipal government attended the opening ceremony.

Over the past six years, the vast majority of women in the city have made great progress in all walks of life, and fought bravely for the first place in all fronts. A large number of advanced models have emerged, such as the national “Women Red Flag Bearers”, the national “Advanced Women Work Models”, the national “Civilized Women’s Positions”, the national “Five Good Civilized Families” and the national “Most Beautiful Families”, which fully demonstrate women’s excellent quality and style of the times in the City of Wild Geese.

Jiang Xin spoke highly of women’s work in Hengyang City on behalf of the Provincial Women’s Federation. She said that the Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government actively build a platform for women’s wide participation in reform and development, provide a solid guarantee for women to share the achievements of reform and development, and effectively promote the coordinated development of women’s cause and economic and social development. Women of Hengyang City are diligent, brave and self-reliant, and they are contributing in the great practice of Hengyang’s reform and development for they have their own good dreams, live a wonderful life and share the joy of harvest. Women’s federations at all levels in Hengyang City organized and served the overall situation, women and grass-roots level, vigorously implement the three major actions of “pioneering and innovative action”, “rural revitalization action”, “poverty eradication action”, and carefully create marriage and family dispute mediation, family civilization creation, and left-behind children. Care service and other work brands, as the bridges of the party and the government and women, acted as women’s home that the majority of women can rely on.

Zheng Jianxin fully affirmed the achievements of women’s cause and work in recent years. He pointed out that the current development of Hengyang is at a new historical starting point, and that the vast majority of women in the city should firmly follow the Party and be loyal practitioners of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of the recent peace. Women shall build new achievements on their posts and be great creators who support reform and forge ahead. They lead a new culture of civilization, cherish the country and cherish their hearts. Women shall be a happy successor of virtue, to show a new attitude of struggle, to be a self-reliant, self-reliant and uplifting beauty practitioner.

Zheng Jianxin stressed that women’s federations at all levels in the city should focus on the center and serve the overall situation, devote themselves to doing good, practical and difficult things for women. The federations shall be trustworthy, reliable and inseparable as “mother’s family”. Party committees and governments at all levels in the city should implement the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Women and Children in an all-round way to promote women’s and children’s development, For women’s all-round development and giving priority to children’s development. We should intensify the training and selection of outstanding female cadres, create conditions and build platforms for more outstanding women talents to stand out. All sectors of society should pay more attention to women’s cause and support women’s work consciously, so as to create a good social environment for women’s free and comprehensive development.

Liao Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting. City leaders Liao Yanqiu, Duan Zhigang, Bao Changlin, Liu Lihua, Deng Ke, Chen Jing, Zeng Yanyang, Tan Dunlong, Xie Mingfang, Wang Wei and retired leaders Zhu Juxiang attended the meeting.

Translated by Xie Caihong
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