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[Hengnan County] Yang Hongfeng Goes to Quanhu, Tanzishan to Inspect Work of Fight against Poverty
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2018-12-06 23:00:03 [A  A]
On December 3, Yang Hongfeng, Secretary of the county Party committee, went deep into the poverty-stricken villages of Quanhu and Tanzishan townships to inspect on the spot the work of eliminating poverty and tackling key problems. He emphasized that all levels should further clarify their thinking, make a comprehensive arrangement and reform of poverty alleviation work, continue to expand collective economy and characteristic industries, pay attention to the construction of rural culture and civilization, and ensure the sustainability of poverty alleviation and prosperity in rural areas.

“How about the five modernizations of the Party branch?” “How many people will quit poverty in 2018?” “What are the specific policies for poverty alleviation through health care and education?” “How about the specific implementation of the work of poverty alleviation and relocation by changing land?” With these problems in mind, Yang Hongfeng and his company went to Daxing Village, Yuanquan Village, Zhongwu Village, Shuangkou Village, Zengshi Village and Gugong Village of Tanzishan Town to have detailed exchanges with the First Secretaries of the villages, the Secretary of the village branches and the cadres of the related Town, and to inspect on the spot the progress of poverty alleviation and fortification work in each village.

Yang Hongfeng demanded that the Secretary of the township Party committee, the first secretaries stationed in the villages and the Secretaries of the village branches should take the initiative to conduct in depth in the front line to effectively play a leading role in demonstration. We should continue to intensify the efforts to rectify the desk account of poverty alleviation work, so as to complete standardized and refined information. We should build rural culture and fight against poverty by combining the Party’s construction with the firm construction, perfecting and perfecting the “Five Welfares” system and creating a number of characteristic Towns and villages. Cadres at all levels should discuss and study feasible industrial planning according to the actual situation in the villages, to further strengthen the collective economy. Rural e-commerce platforms should make good use of the “Village Sound” broadcasting and issue advertisements in time. The market demand information should be promoted in industrial scale for mechanization, informatization and marketization, so that rural poverty alleviation can be guaranteed and sustainable.

County leaders Huang Kewei and Liu Zhiwei participated in the inspection.

Translated by Xie Caihong
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