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More Than 1000 Volunteers Accompany Disabled Orphans in the Activity of "Visiting the Great Wall"
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2018-11-07 17:00:03 [A  A]

On the morning of Oct 27th, the eleventh “visiting the Great wall” activity was held in Nanhu Park. It was a sunny and crisp autumn weekend, more than 1000 volunteers accompying over 130 disabled children from Hengyang Spring Service Center company, chatting and interacting with each other, getting close to nature. Feeling the cordial greetings and concern from all the volunteers, the smiles on the children’s faces warmed everyone on the pot.



At 7 o’clock in the morning, Nanhu Park was getting hilarious gradually in the rising sun. More than 1000 people in total, including caring people from all walks of life, volunteers from abroad, employees of cooperating companies, the disabled, the staff of Spring Service Center, orphans and the young etc, were present and involved.


“Like a piece of sea grass, shaking in the wind...” the children showed the performance they’d prepared for a long time successively, craft show, singing, dancing...Their cute motions raise waves of applaud, and many warm-hearted people took photos for a souvenir.



After the opening ceremony, people started to hike beside the Nanhu Road which covered 5 kilometers. With the aid of volunteers, the disabled and the orphans finished the journey of warmth and love as well. “ I think the children need be kept company in particular. I fall in love with them after getting along with them for a short time. Hope more people would care for them and never give up them.” said Song Qinghua, a volunteer from Rende Caring Center .


As is known, the “visiting the Great Wall” activity held by ICC International Caring Charity was made to appeal to caring people from all sectors of society to pay more attention to the disabled. In the late autumn every year there will be 40 regions of 8 countries organizing the activity including China(Beijing, Hong kong, Changsha and Hengyang),Australia, America, Canada , Britain and Netherlands. The activity is organized to call on the disabled to own the spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement;make more people know about the disabled and appeal to all sectors of society to care for disadvantaged groups; make the abilities of the disabled respected and their differences and reliance be admitted.


translator: Li Zhongliang

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