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Win-Win Cooperation for Hengyang’s Development
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2018-10-09 20:00:02 [A  A]
In the recently passed September, the city of wild goose was cool and refreshing. The 13th Hunan Provincial Games ended successfully in Hengyang, and the “2018 Hengzhou Economic Development Forum” with the theme of “Focusing on Advanced Manufacturing Industry and Promoting the High-quality Development of Hengyang Industry” was held as scheduled, and ended successfully on September 29.

The forum will focus on the major issues of the new industrial revolution and the transformation of enterprises, the strategy and path of building a powerful manufacturing country, the industrial Internet and the intelligent transformation of industries, and hold the themes of “innovation and development of civil-military integration industry in Baisha Green Island”, “new energy, new materials and intelligent manufacturing”, “seamless steel tube intelligence”. The three thematic forums of “Manufacturing and Green Development” will help Hengyang to revitalize the real economy and take the road of green and low-carbon sustainable development. They will hold a grand ceremony of project centralized start-up (commissioning), sign the number of projects, quality, investment quota, industry pulling role exceeded the previous, and achieve a new breakthrough. It can be said that the holding of the third Hengzhou Economic Development Forum, with more and more distinctive features, more and more fruitful results, and more and more influence, has become an important platform for the city to insight into the frontier dynamics, create cooperative business opportunities, and accelerate innovation and opening up.

“High flying depends on good wind.” At present, Hengyang is moving forward and accelerating its progress. We should be confident, maintain a strong momentum of development, seize the commanding heights of the new round of advanced manufacturing development, and constantly promote the high-quality economic development of Hengyang. We should fully absorb the excellent achievements of the Hengzhou Economic Development Forum, revitalize the real economy, promote the implementation of the achievements of the Forum, speed up the construction of key projects, and promote innovation in depth. We should optimize the business environment, expect more academicians to contribute their insights to the development of Hengyang, and at the same time further create a market environment of integrity and norms, a stable and orderly development environment, a high-quality and efficient government environment, and a preferential and realistic policy environment. We should continuously close the new political and business relations, so that more enterprises can favor Hengyang, invest in Hengyang, take root in Hengyang, and win in Hengyang.

We need to work together for win-win cooperation. A better Hengyang needs to be built together. Let us, with the greatest sincerity, the most practical policy, the best service and the strongest executive force, attract the vast number of businessmen and people with lofty ideals to invest in Hengyang, develop smoothly, live happily and accomplish their undertakings, jointly integrate into the “wild goose array” of Hengyang’s development, and jointly strive hard to build a truly provincial sub-central city and the most beautiful prefecture level city!

Translated by Xie Caihong
Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
Co-sponsored by Information Office of Hengyang Municipal People's Government Technical Support & Design:Hengyang Normal University
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