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Zheng Jianxin Visited Teacher Representatives in Hengyang to Extend Greetings to Teachers and Educators
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2018-09-11 12:00:01 [A  A]

On the afternoon of September 7, 3 days before the Teachers’ Day, Zheng Jianxin, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee, went to the new campuses of the No.1 middle school and the No. 9 middle school of Hengyang to extend his greetings to the industrious representatives of teachers, through which he also intended to pay his homage and greetings to teachers and educators all over the city. Zheng required that all relative departments should improve our city’s fame in education sector and work with commitment to build a city with strong performance in education.

Zheng came to the No.1 middle school firstly, where he visited the senior teacher, Cheng Nanyang, and 20 students from the distant Shanshan County of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. He wished Cheng Nanyang to have a happy Teachers’ Day and sent congratulations to his achievement, but he also urged that Cheng refrain from being proud and impatient and give full play to his function as a model for other teachers. Only through this way can he teach students well and lead an outstanding working team. Zheng also inquired with concern about the learning and living conditions of 20 Shanshan students in Hengyang, encouraging them to cherish the learning opportunities, study hard and make efforts to get into an ideal university and build a better home town.

In the new campus of the No. 9 middle high school, Zheng visited Dan Ju, a senior teacher of the school and expressed appreciation to her contribution to the development of education. Later, Zheng Jianxin inspected the construction of the school on the spot. He urged the school leaders to make great efforts to build and manage the school well. While upgrading the infrastructure, they also need to establish and improve the management mechanism and recruit more qualified teachers, thereby building the No. 9 middle school into a first-class public middle school in the province.

Having finished his visiting, Zheng Jianxin subsequently invited some of the teacher representatives of the No.9 middle high school to hold a symposium to hear from the teachers their opinions and suggestion on education and to discuss the general plan of education development. At the meeting, Zheng Jianxin said that shortly after he came to Hengyang to work last year, when he heard about the report on the city's education work, he learned that the city's public schools were weak in foundation and short of degrees. Therefore, he immediately demanded that three to five high-quality public junior middle schools, including the city's No. 9 Middle School, be built rapidly at the municipal level. Now, the No. 9 Middle School was put into use as scheduled, signifying a good start.

Zheng Jianxin asked that we must establish a first-class idea of running a school, which should be closely around the overall goal of "first-class in the whole country and the whole province", and constantly improve the popularity and reputation of our city's public education both in the province and the whole country, and strive to build a strong city of education. We should pursue the first-class education quality, speed up the construction of superior schools and high-quality disciplines, strive to improve the quality of teachers' research and the level of teaching and research, and focus on improving the overall quality of students. We should forge a first-class teaching team, implement the excellent teacher training program, increase the introduction of outstanding teachers, explore and establish a teacher training, incentive, mobility, security and other mechanisms in line with the actual situation in Hengyang, to provide teachers with more room for growth. We should give more support and guarantee to education, always put education in the strategic position of giving priority to development, pay more attention to, care for and support the development of education, and form a strong atmosphere of respecting teachers and emphasizing education in the whole society.

Zheng also encouraged all teachers to establish a strong love for home and country as well as a firm belief; refine their morality to become models for students; dedicate themselves into their positions and help others; bear in mind learning is an endless process and keep learning something.

City cadres Liu Zhengxing and Gong Xueyu participated in the visit. Gong also presided over the symposium.


Translator: Jing


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