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Pushing Forward the Implementation with the most Effective Execution for Thorough Accomplishment of All the Target Tasks
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2018-09-11 12:00:02 [A  A]

On the morning of September 6th, Deng Qunce, the mayor of Hengyang and deputy secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee, specially dispatched four key tasks of territorial resources, for instance, the compensation balance of cultivated land occupation, the linking of the increase and decrease in the land used for construction in both urban and rural areas, land expropriation and housing demolition and rectification of state-owned land supervision. He stressed that departments at all levels of the city should seek great unity in their thinking, spare no effort to accelerate these four tasks with the most effective execution and make new and greater contributions to Hengyang’s construction of the truly provincial sub-central city and the most beautiful prefecture-level city.

Besides, Deng Qunce emphasized that we should heighten our political stance and deepen our ideological understanding. The core of these four tasks is the security issue of land element, which closely ties with economic development, urban quality improvement, business environment improvement, and is of vital importance to create a truly provincial sub-central city and the most beautiful prefecture-level city. Land resource has been the core resource to maintain economic growth, adhere to the strict arable land protection system, and ensure the people's living standards. Therefore, all departments at all levels in the city must fully understand the extreme importance of such work. Moreover, they should conscientiously integrate their thoughts and actions into the decision-making and deployment of the central, provincial and municipal governments, face up to contradictions and take on the courage to carry out the work so as to promote the implementation with the greatest executive force.

Deng Qunce underlined that we should focus on the weak links, dig deep into the root of the problem, solve the problems in ideological understanding, overall coordination, publicity and education, and conduct in-depth investigation and study in order to have a thorough understanding of the spirit of documents and make good use of the policies. In addition, we should make clear our objectives, make every effort to push forward the implementation, proceed from the overall situation of the city, strictly follow the list of tasks and time schedule, and accomplish all the target tasks comprehensively, so as to ensure that rectification of state-owned land supervision will be finished completely by the end of October.

Deng Qunce demanded that we comprehensively shoulder our responsibilities and ensure the implementation of responsibility. The leaders of the party committees and governments of both counties and districts are the first responsible persons. All departments at all levels should work together to guarantee the smooth progress of the four tasks. The municipal government inspection and supervision office shall, in accordance with the requirement of “conducting an inspection and publishing a notice monthly” and in conjunction with relevant functional departments, intensify the follow-up inspection and make every effort to make sure the orderly progress of the four tasks. Then we should strengthen the assessment and evaluation, taking the assessment results as an important basis for the municipal party committee and the municipal government to inspect the execution of cadres and the annual performance appraisal of departments at all levels. Hengyang Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and Supervision Commission shall be responsible for the accountability of the units failing to fulfill the annual objectives and affecting the development of Hengyang.

Peng Yuming, the vice mayor, also participated in the dispatching work.


Translator: Jing

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