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Proposal Concerning Civilized Sacrifice in Ghost Festival
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2018-08-10 00:00:02 [A  A]

The Hungry Ghost Festival is approaching. Recently, jointly issued by Hengyang Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau and Hengyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Proposal Concerning Civilized Sacrifice in Ghost Festival calls for massive citizens to protect the environment, sacrifice in a civilized manner and carry forward civilized social conduct so as to help turn our city into a national civilized one.

It has been one of the Chinese traditional customs to offer sacrifices to ancestors and commemorate the departed by means of burning ghost money and setting off firecrackers during the Ghost Festival. However, burning joss paper in the open air may cause air pollution, because smog lingers around the city and contaminates the air. Besides, it may also cause fire safety hazards because of its serious damage to municipal facilities, flowers and trees.

To respect the tradition and protect the environment, the Proposal Concerning Civilized Sacrifice in Ghost Festival is jointly issued by Hengyang Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau and Hengyang Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, which calls for sacrificing in a civilized manner and carrying forward civilized social conduct. To inherit the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, we should set up a scientific concept of offering sacrifices to our ancestors, commemorating the departed in a solemn, frugal and environmentally friendly way, instead of engaging in unrealistic comparison, indulging in ostentation and extravagance, burning joss paper and setting off firecrackers.

It is advocated to express mourning with flowers, bow and online sacrifices, to establish the awareness of civilization, safety and public morality, to highlight the concept of ecology, environment-friendliness and low-carbon, to strictly abide the regulations of urban management, and not to produce feudal superstitious articles such as ghost money.

The majority of Party members, cadres and Communist Youth League members should take the lead in making examples by practical action, like getting rid of bad habits, becoming the forerunners of civilized sacrifices, consciously maintaining a beautiful and neat urban environment and not producing the feudal superstitious articles.

It is one of the fine traditional virtues to show care and filial respect for the living elders, so that they can spend their remaining years in comfort. To those who passed away, we should offer sacrifices in a frugal and civilized way. Abandoning uncivilized and unhealthy traditional sacrifices can be beneficial to enhancing the civilized image of our city and citizens.


Translator: Jing

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