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Hengyang City Management Volunteers Carry Forward Civilization by Make-up Running
From:衡阳市电子政务办 | Date Add in:2018-06-26 10:00:00 [A  A]

On 23th June, the annual Carpoly Make-up Run of Hengyang went ahead with nearly 3,000 citizens participating in this “fancy dress sports meeting”. 80 city management volunteers wearing red ribbons imprinted with the slogan —— “Say No to Incivilities”, a slogan which is also highlighted on the banners they hold, chanted the Three Character Classic of Hengyang City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Regulations along the way, making an eye-catching view among the marching column.

The five-kilometer journey started from BBK Square, Gaoxin District to Jiefang Avenue to Hongxing North Road to ten-mile Jiangwan County Garden.

The more people we come across, the better knowledge we disseminate, says Zhou Hongwei, a volunteer in a doodled shirt, smeared with colored powder on the face, waving the flag in front of the column. We volunteers often impart the message in the streets or on the buses or ferries. But this time is different. We have thousands of volunteers. “Isn’t it a great opportunity to popularize our idea?” Mr. Zhou adds.

Don’t think we volunteers are just stereotyped, in fact we are fashionable. Imparting ideas of civilization requires we follow the trend. And we are among the rank and file, says Cheng Xinmei and Liao Jianghai. The two volunteers used to wear green jackets and red ribbons when disseminating civilization. But they try wearing artistic wigs and headscarves this time.

When the color run column arrives at the northern side of Yashilin Bridge for water and canned drinks, the volunteers prod the participants to throw bottles into the trash, as they collect bottles randomly tossed.

It was based on the theme of Participation and Exercise and Color and Public Service that Carpoly initiated the Running activity five years age. Its purpose is to let people pursue a better life through exercise, Luo Wenxing, the chief executive officer of Hengyang Carpoly suggested.

Embracing the Provincial Sports Meeting, Building a New Hengyang. Zhu Baiqi, vice chairman of Hengyang Mountaineering Association says that this year’s Carpoly Make-up Run, undertaken by Mountaineering Association, actively answers the call by municipal government —— To be a good host of the provincial sports meeting in the hope of better manifesting the good figure of Hengyang people who believe good exercise brings healthy and happy life.


Translator: Jing

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