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Nanyue Airport Offers Direct Flights to Nanjing on Feb. 2nd
From: | Date Add in:2018-01-23 23:00:00 [A  A]

On Jan. 21st , the reporters are told according to Hengyang authorities that Nanyue Airport will start a new airline to and from Nanjing city on Feb. 2nd . By then, Nanyue Airport is able to offer flights to 15 cities.

The day Jan. 2nd will witness the first flight from Nanyue Airport to Nanjing Lukou Airport. On that day, the direct flight CZ8010 (Hengyang - Nanjing), an Airbus A320, will be to fly at 14:00, arrive at 16:35, taking 2 hours and 5 minutes. And the flight CZ8009(Nanjing - Hengyang), an Airbus 320, will also be to fly at 11:20, arrive at 13:40, spending 2 hours and 20 minutes. The two flights will both be controlled by China Southern Airlines.

It is understood that the official one-way ticket fare for the maiden flight from Nanyue Airport to Lukou Airport will be varied from 610 yuan to further (exclude from tax expenses). But there are more economical prices if one search the tickets on the booking website like Ctrip, Elong and Where to GO etc. Taking the prices on Where to GO for example, the lowest price for an economy ticket of Nanyue’s first flight to Lukou is 400 yuan, and for one that ticket from Nanyue to Lukou, is 940 yuan.

The high-speed train from Hengyang to Nanjing is reported to cost passengers at least 5 hours and 49 minutes and 413 yuan for a second-class seat. Therefore, plane will then become the fastest way for Hengyang people to get to Nanjing . Particularly, should one have access to discount tickets, it would be a fairly cost-efficient way.

By now, Hengyang Nanyue Airport has established a network of flights to 14 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming etc., which could reach from south to north. Besides, the flight network with a “米”shape has been basically formed, which could connect west and east.


Translator: Jing

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