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Tourist Consumption in Golden Week Sets a New Record of 2.14 Billion Yuan
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:26 [A  A]

Fortunately, we get 8-day off from the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival and the invigorating autumn makes contribute to boom in tourism. On Oct. 8th, reporter knew from the National Bureau of Religious Affairs of Foreign Tourists that the number of tourist reception was 3.947million yuan and the consolidated income reached 2.14billion, respectively with a year-on-year growth of 10.69% and 30.03%, achieving a new high.

This year, Hengyang has improved the quality and efficiency of traditional scenic regions(spots) by implementing all-for-one tourism. Meanwhile, more and more new products and experiences such as rural tourism, self-driving tour and intelligent travel have been introduced, enriching the tourism market which presented a festive, prosperous and fruitful condition.

During the Golden Week, the amount of tourists and consolidated income rosed simultaneously. The tourist arrivals and consolidated income soared in the following scenic regions(spots): Nanyue Mountain, Cailun Bamboo Sea, Yumu Mountain, Shigu Academy, Nanhu Park, occupying 40%~45% of the total tourists and 50%~60% of the general income; as for tourism, rapid growth of two mentioned aspects also occured in Huaguo Mount of Hengshan County, Chashan Ao of Zhuhui District, Mijiang Ecological Park, Shuangshuiwan Rural and Cultural Park with over 35% share of the whole city's tourism. 80%-90% people preferred self-driving travel.

Hengshan Scientific and Technological City, launched on Sept. 29th, absorbed abundant tourists and satisfied people's needs of family travel, feelings-promoting travel, educational and cultural travel; Chinese traditional dramas were played on the ancient stage of Wanshou Palace in order to show the long history and splendidness of Huxiang Culture to people across China as well as the world; Shangshuiwan Cultural Park, a combination of local and Western characteristics, Jiayuan Mountain Villa in Yanfeng District, a demonstration of comprehensive pattern of ecological tourism, Mijiang Ecological Park, Hengnan Air Sports Club, together with traditional scenic regions(spots), were deeply loved by citizens and travellers.

At the same time, newly sprouted things like civilized tourism and intelligent tourism attracted people's attention. Yang Yipei, a tourist from Guangzhou, told the reporter: "I have been to Nanyue twice before. I sensed more changes this time. It's so convenient and effortless for me to pay my purchase, reserve the restaurant and book the hotel with one single mobile phone."

The tourism market functioned normally without serious complaints and safety accidents. Only two complaints occurred during the small holiday.


Translated from www.hengyang.gov.cn by Jing

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