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Nanyue Airport Embraces Travel Peak with 96 Flights Expected During the Period
From:www.e0734.com | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:26 [A  A]
With the approaching of minor vacation of National Day Holiday and Mid-autumn Festival, on September 25, the reporter learned from Nanyue Airport that the air tickets in Hengyang will be in great demand both before and after the festival.And there is a general rise of ticket price flying from Hengyang to other places. Fewer people are inclined to go out on the Mid-autumn day. Therefore, the price of ticket on this day is relatively low.
It is learned's understood that after years of struggle and efforts of the Garden Apartment, Hengyang has achieved remarkable achievement with regard to the virescence service. For instance, the urban green area in Hengyang has reached 4575.92 hectares, the green rate has reached 37.04% and the green coverage rate has reached 40.41%. The park covers an area of 1050.18 hectares, and the per capita green areas has reached 9.39 square meters.
Gardners embarked on their road of watering trees before dawn, they want to take advantage of the pleasant weather in the morning to do work as much as possible. On September 25th, reporters witnessed the scene in person that gardeners are occupied with watering trees in green belt in scorching weather. A gardner, Wang Jianyu, told reporter that they need to clean up the wilted leaves and rubbish in the green belt every day. The frequency of the irrigation of the trees will vary according to the season. Trees and flowers requires more water during the dry seasons. He said that gardeners set off for work at half to seven. They are allowed to have several hour's break each day, namely from half past eleven in the morning to four in the afternoon. Those gardeners won't call it a day unless the ,clock strikes seven. Although the ,work is laborious, Mr.Wang considers it worthwhile to make a share of contribution himself to the establishment of athe civilized city.
An ordinary citizen surnamed Mr.Wang, an ordinary citizen, told the reporter that the landscaping service of the city render people feel comfortablemuch comfort during the process of establishing civilized city. Expanding the green belt on a large scale as well as constructing garden landscape make him feel close to the nature thougheven he is livinglives in the urban areacity. Gardeners still buried themselves in their work even they are confronted with sweltering heat. They are deeply aware that they ought to remain steadfast in their position, and they strive hard to do their best when it comes to their work. ,They dedicatedelicate themselves to the establishment of a civilized city in a silent way, which undoubtedly worth being complimented by people.
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