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Summer Vacation Coming & Life of Diversity Beginning
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:33 [A  A]

With the burning hot summer coming, a nearly two-month vacation is also coming successively in every university. How can we live a colorful and meaningful life in this summer vacation? On July 9th, it was reported that a part of undergraduates in Hengyang chose to stay at home, get a part-time job, and pass some exams or travel without plan.

Mr. Wang, from Hengyang Normal University, told us that next term would be his senior college life, which meant he would start his internship this October, so he wants to make full use of this vacation to learn some software so as to find a suitable job during the internship. It was also reported that some students wanted to improve themselves to create a better condition for their career by learning some professional skill in this summer, some chose to stay at school and make preparations for the exams, such as National computer grade examination, judicial examination and postgraduate entrance examination, and some were more eager to take a driver’s license exam instead.

At present, Mr. Xiang, working in a fast food restaurant, holds that developing social practical activities is one of the most meaningful things he has ever experienced during the summer vacation. Summer vacation is long enough without much homework, so we can both earn some pocket money and develop our social skills. Therefore, salesmen, dispatchers, tutors and waiters are highly favored by students. Mr. Xiang said that society is another classroom where I can learn how to communicate with people, which will help me a lot to adapt to society.

Miss. Chen whose major is International Education in Chinese packed her bags and started a journey when the vacation just began. She believes that reading thousands of books not equal to view. She was excited to mention about her journey to Thailand. She said after arrival, she bought some hand cream and thought it would be sun cream, just because of language barrier. However, she also appreciated the beach in Thailand, enjoyed delicious food there, and felt hospitality of Thai and diversity of culture. In that afternoon, she took a ride with her landlord enjoying the most comfortable relaxation she had ever felt. Miss. Chen plans to be a teacher to teach local students Chinese and show them Chinese culture.

It’s infrequent to sit down and talk with my family members when leaving for college. So many students choose to stay at home helping their parents to do some housework, meeting their old friends in hometown, releasing the pressure of homesick and enjoying this vacation in their own way.


Translator: Yin Jing

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