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Deputy Mayor Liu Zhengxin Goes to Field Research at South China Hospital
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:38 [A  A]
On May 8, the deputy mayor of the municipal government Liu Zhengxin went to a field research about hierarchical diagnosis system construction, medical disputes disposal and health poverty alleviation work at South China hospital of south China University. After the visit of South China hospital, he carried on the discussion and communication with all the group members of the hospital. The vice president of South China University He Xujuan, the deputy secretary general of the municipal people’s government Xiao ChunLin, the secretary of the municipal party committee of Zhuhui District Chen Lixiang, the director of Hengyang health development planning commission Zou Aimin and the deputy section chief Hu Xiaoming accompanied the field research

At the symposium, the deputy mayor of the municipal government Liu Zhengxin pointed that the South China hospital’s reform carried out an active exploration in some key areas. It accumulated valuable experience for the reform effects to be gradually revealed. In the next step, it should be done a good job in hospital reform, the medical dispute disposal, health, poverty alleviation, and “three pilots” in Zhuhui District. For health care reform, the first is to have clear objectives, to gradually ease the problem that it is difficult and expensive for the masses to see a doctor. Secondly, faithfully implement the national, provincial and municipal issued policies and documents. Thirdly, carry out the reform content. Optional exercise should go ahead to summarize experience, after conditions are ripe for promotion. Fourthly, combine the reality of Hengyang City and integrate medical resources, to establish a regional medical inspection center a regional medical imaging center. On disposal of doctor-patient dispute, it should establish and improve various rules and regulations for the construction of the “three prevention” and “four chambers”. Secondly, we must strengthen the construction of medical ethics, to further improve the satisfaction rate. Thirdly, we will timely standardize the disposal of medical disputes. Fourthly, we need to hit the “medical alarm” behavior according to the regulation in accordance with the law. For health and poverty alleviation, firstly, increase publicity efforts, and create a good atmosphere for public opinion. Secondly,the poverty alleviation object should be signed for family doctors to 100% in place. Thirdly, help poor objects well implement the national, provincial, municipal various preferential policies which have been introduced. Fourthly, aid the local village clinics for medical training free of charge.

The deputy mayor of the municipal government Liu Zhengxin said that in “the three pilot” the South China hospital should be a good vanguard. The city planning commission will play a role at leading, guiding, coordinating and promoting, for the success of “three pilot”. The municipal government will vigorously promote the “three pilot work” at Zhuhui District, it will make the “three pilot” be carried out smoothly.

For the previous two years, the South China Hospital actively explored the reform of medical treatment, and establish close couplet of medicine with Qidong New District Hospital. The previous one sent more than 20 experts and senior doctors to visit Qidong New District Hospital to carry out technical training and guidance. At the same time, the South China Hospital signed an agreement of a two-way referral with eight secondary hospitals. And a treaty of electrocardiogram (ECG) remote diagnosis and treatment has been signed with more than 80 grassroots health institutions and the disposal of medical disputes. In terms of health poverty alleviation, the Hospital of South China aimed to carry out the policy that medical personnel training is free of charge in towns. Financial support for poverty alleviation projects shall be provided to the students in countryside schools. Free diagnosis and treatment of poverty alleviation shall also be done. At the same time, poverty projects shall be developed in sidelines and sales channels, to enhance the economic income of poor families,

Translated by Xie Caihong

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