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Comrade Hu Zhiwen Investigates Public Security Supervision, Police Training Work
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:38 [A  A]
In the afternoon of May 10th, the vice mayor of municipal government, Secretary of the Party committee and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Hu Zhiwen went into the city supervision center and police training center to conduct a research.

Comrade Hu Zhiwen investigated in the spot deeply such as in supervising the prison hospital, drug rehabilitation center, the city anti-corruption warming education base, the city jail, juvenile detention center, women’s jail, armed police squadron, forced isolated rehab, and officer training center. He visited regulatory police, association auxiliary police, and armed police forces, supervising the service provided by medical staff of No. 5 City Hospital, social work and city bureau officers of the training center.

In the compulsory isolation detoxification center, Hu Zhiwen had an informal discussion with the supervisor of regulatory center, the squadron of armed police officers. They listened to a report on the work of public security supervision of the whole city.

Comrade Hu Zhiwen said that the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Government, and the City Bureau of the Party Committee pay highly attention to supervision work, they has often done researches and settle the difficulties and problems in supervision work. The police and staff have made their features as the highlight and spot of Hengyang City by their solidarity, innovation, and solid performance. The Public Security Regulation became a red flag of Hunan Public Security Regulation system, havving a position in the whole province and the country. It has been fully affirmed by the Ministry of Public Security, the Provincial Public Security Department and the Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government.

Comrade Hu Zhiwen required that the City’s Public Security Regulation System need to gather around Hengyang Public Security upgrading transformation to go to the previous row in the whole province. Firstly, they need to undertake a great responsibility. Now, the whole city was implemented a special project for drug control, crime crackdown, and three sticks a regulation. The Supervision Department as law enforcement place also need to undertake special function and mission, daring play and initiative. They have to carry out policies and regulation of superior Public Security Organ. And according to the truth situation of Hengyang City criminals should be published and captured. Secondly, keep safe for the bottom line. The Regulation of Civilian Police need to keep security alert, and strike to job safety accidents, due to their dereliction of duty for what they do not work. They also need to build the awareness of evidence and be legal to approved work plan. Once an accident occurs, they should speed up the disposal. Thirdly, deepen the reform of the transformation. The City Public Security Regulation should not be stagnant and stand still in front of the existing achievement, but aiming to something higher to combat effectiveness in science and technology information, and appeal to the traditional culture. They need to introduce the experience of best practice in innovative approach to promoting Hengyang Public Security Regulation brand further. Fourthly, strengthen the practice function. They need to deep contract with investigation practice department with anti-drug, and criminal investigation to promoting the fuse between the regulation and public security. They also need to see results in crime aspects. They must take a measure going out to strengthen the research, building wisdom regulatory top brand. Fifthly, enhance the team construction. Regulatory Police work on special jobs, they has special discipline requirements that they should stick to the policy of strike optimal simultaneously to activating the team, and efforts to create a passion to work and strong atmosphere for a happy life. The supervision department has to understand the superior policy, and grasp the spirit and seek a breakthrough actively on the problem of settling the police treatment. The City Bureau Members need to come up with the ways to be solved, if they meet some complex problem in the supervision work.

The member of the municipal Party committee, deputy director general and director of the Political Department He Hengqin, the member of the Party committee and deputy director general Zhong Zhengjun, the executive vice president of the Ministry of political affairs Zhang Xiuheng, and the Chief of Police Command He Zhiyuan are all in the survey.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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