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Zhou Nong Has In-depth investigation in Leiyang City
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:38 [A  A]
On May 11th, Zhou Nong, the Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Committee of the CPC and director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, went deep into Leiyang City to focus on production safety, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, petition, stability and other key aspects of the implementation of the investigation and scheduling. Zhou Nong stressed all departments and all levels in Hengyang and Leiyang should come up with the spirit of “handling tough problems” and “fight a hard battle”, with the style of “diamond cut diamond” “solidly and truthfully” to promote the current key work with fully implemented and achieved tangible results. We can submit a satisfactory answer to the Central Party Committee and the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.

Zhou Nong first came to Hengtou Village of Renyi Town. On the spot, he supervised the regulation situation that the central environmental inspection team assigned the problem of illegal manganese producing point pollution. The village has a small illegal manganese producing point which did not do any formalities, sewage treatment facilities, and it was reported by the masses. After the central environmental inspection team assigned the case, Leiyang City take corresponding measures quickly. At present, the manganese washing production facilities and power supply facilities have been dismantled, the site was leveled and the vegetation was repaired, drains and culverts rebuilt, and the flooded farmland gully unclogged.

The Changchongli Coal of Xinshi Town belongs to hidden danger rectification mine. Zhou Nong came to the main one of the mine, inquired in details about the major problems existing in coal mine safety production. Zhou Nong stressed that we must ensure safety and put it in the first place, according to physical examination requirements. We will carry out technical transformation of coal mines to achieve standardized production. Subsequently, Zhou Nong looked carefully at peripheral facilities of the main mine and came to the monitoring room of the coal mine. And he asked whether the mine video surveillance equipment can achieve full coverage or not. Can we see the underground or not? Zhou Nong told the municipal and county safety supervision department and the coal supervision department as well as the head of Xinshi Town government that we must supervise enterprises in the implementation of the rectification measures as soon as possible. Before the rectification is completed, there should be special technical personnel and cadres stationed in the mine for 24 hours on an uninterrupted basis to ensure full coverage and seamless coverage of the mine, when he learned about the current ongoing related rectification.

In the research, Zhou Nong has checked the construction situation of the poverty alleviation and relocation sites of Yuqing Community office Xichong Village. On the same day, Zhou Nong had a deep research on Yuqing Street of Shuikou Village and Duiheping Village of Xinshi Town.

At the forum, Zhou Nong has paid enough affirmation to the achievements of Leiyang City’s key work in recent days. He pointed out that all team leaders and cadres’ political awareness, the overall concept are strong. We have resolutions and effectiveness to implement the decision making of Hengyang municipal Party committee and municipal government, and their work thinking and point are clear, with the current priorities going well.

Zhou Nong also stressed that the eight priorities should be captured. We will strictly implement the responsibility system for safety production. We are going to learn a lesson from Zhuzhou City’s “5.7” serious gas poisoning accident. No similar accidents should happen to strictly implement the regulatory responsibilities and carry out the “review” action seriously. We should meet safety standards of production and carry out honest investigations by legal enforcement and rectification, to eliminate all security risks. We need to strengthen oversight and accountability, and the relevant departments at all levels should strengthen inspections and visits, and strengthen accountability and accountability.

Zhang Hewen, the standing member of the Municipal Party Committee and the Secretary General of the municipal Party committee, participated in the research and presided over the Symposium. The Vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC Committee Wang Wei participated in the investigation.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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