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Hengyang Relies on Green Hills, Water to Develop Eco-tourism
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:38 [A  A]
The secretary of Hengyang County party committee Zeng Xiu went into the provincial poverty stricken villages -- Ganxi Village and Chengping Village of Jinlan Town, carrying out a research on the precision of poverty alleviation work on May 10. Zeng Xiu required that we need to carefully tease out the basic data, adopt measures on suiting local conditions and rely on green hills and water to develop the eco-tourism. And we must lead the development by planning and use our strength in the exact place, to solve the infrastructure problems and create a strong atmosphere for overcoming poverty. In addition, we must earnestly investigate the responsibility and earnestly help the poor get rid of poverty.

According to reports, there are 1,398 people in 509 households of Ganxi Village 434 people in 149 households of which are impoverished and about 192 people in 47 households need the relocation for poverty alleviation to other places. Since the poverty reduction team entered Hengyang City, we have to improve a lot in infrastructure, such as hardening of the road 1,170 meters, improving and perfecting Guixi Primary School. At the same time, we also help the poor in the village to develop the planting and aquaculture, and we have adopted the financial policy to help the poor to solve the loan more than 1.5 million yuan. Tourism development projects are also introduced into Ganxi Village to solve the problem of employment of poor labor force in the village. It has received good results. Around Chengping Reservoir, in 1,680 people in 368 households, there are 540 people in 135 households are poor. Since the poverty alleviation team entered Chengping Village, they helped to harden the roads in the village, supported the poor people to develop the aquaculture, formulated detailed plans for poverty alleviation, and steadily promoted the work of poverty alleviation.

Zeng Xiu talked with the poor people in his research, asking about their production and living conditions, what the cause of their poverty is, what industries have been developed and what will be done in the future. He encouraged them to strengthen their confidence and work as soon as possible to get rid of poverty and become rich in future. He pointed out that the targeted poverty alleviation is a good project for the people’s livelihood. Cadres of town and village government, the group of poverty alleviation should clear the job objective, to accurately understand poverty, further comb the basic data, according to the procedures and requirements of serious rectification. In the development of the industry, we should highlight the planning guide and adhere to sustainable development, to ensure the development of ecological tourism based on green mountains and rivers. In the development of aquaculture, we must be standardized and orderly, so as to prevent the destruction of the ecological environment. We should solve the problems of infrastructure, such as rural network transformation, road traffic, and drinking water sources and communications facilities. We also need to build a comprehensive rural service platform. We need to step up propaganda, create a strong atmosphere for poverty alleviation. We should not only help them with their intelligence, but aspirations .We must promote the work of poverty alleviation by promoting the construction of the party, and strengthen the construction of grass roots Party organizations, by building the party for thought and regulating the party with the system. We should strengthen party organizations through poverty alleviation. We should bring about a change in morals and moves and establish a new atmosphere of civilization. We should seriously investigate the responsibility and conduct serious investigation and handling of “Inaction” and “deceit” in the work of poverty alleviation, ensure the implementation of the poverty alleviation policy and effectively help the poor get rid of poverty.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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