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Zhou Nong’s Timely Reply Wins Praise from Villagers
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:47 [A  A]

On 10th March, Hengyang News.com received a letter from Xie Peixuan, a villager from Santang Town, Hengnan County. He wants to express his gratitude to the excellent secretary - Zhou Nong, Secretary of Hengyang Municipal Party Committee and the director of Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress.

He mentioned a letter written by his villagers, which is named as "Concerning influences on spring ploughing and farm irrigation exerted by the shut-down of the project of maintenance and reconstruction for ponds in Santang town". They didn't expect that Secretary Zhou Nong would reply the letter on the very day. At present, the maintenance and reconstruction project has been restored, which moves and inspires villagers a lot.

Xie Peixuan inrtroduced that Yangmei Village, located in "Hengyang-Shaoyang Drought Corridor", has a very limited resource in drinking water and farm irrigation water.There once had been no rain for 117 days in 2011, a serious drought. To relief, villagers applied for the project of maintenance and reconstruction for ponds and succeeded. However, it didn't go into operation until Oct. 2016. What makes villagers more unsatisfied is that only one pond has been completed yet and the work related to dredging and damming was prefunctory and with low quality. In addition, dykes of two ponds have been digged and the water has been drained. But the contractor ceased the project with an excuse of difficulty in operation and low profit. As the spring ploughing approaching, villagers worried a lot that over 100 mu farmland would be affected by lack of water, then the agricultural production of this year would be influenced consequently.

Xie Peixuan continued, "Villagers wanted to give it a try and wrote to tell Secretary Zhou about this issue. It's suprising that he not only responded to us but also sent specially-assigned people to solve it the very day. Through intervention, the contractor resumed the construction. Meanwhile, the leader in the village arranged villagers to bring the builders food. Everyone pulled together to avoid holding up the farming season."

"I didn't expect that Secretary Zhou would give priority to usvillagers' letter. He is willing to listen to the demands and aspirations from grassroots and put them into practice. It deserves our appreciation." Xie Peixuan said excitedly.

Translator: Yin Jing

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