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Zhou Nong Inspecting the Eco-tourism of Chashan’ao Town in Zhuhui District& Preparations of Hengyang Rural Eco-tourism Festival
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:47 [A  A]

On the morning of Mar. 10, Zhou Nong, the Secretary of the municipal party committee and the Director of the Municipal People’s Congress, made a site inspection at the eco-tourism of Chashan’ao Town in Zhuhui District, and the preparatory work of Hengyang rural eco-tourism festival. He called for setting a rural eco-tourism benchmark and further improving its weakness, with developing eco-tourism in Chashan’ao Town as a small target to realize all-for-one tourism.

Walking along the tourist route, Zhou Nong visited the following Chashan’ao scenic spot: the tourist reception centre, the main venue of the festival, Chanshan Plantation, Jinjia Ancient Town and etc. He was debriefed the construction progress on site. He also extolled the merits of Chashan’ao Town: fresh air, comfortable environment, light traffic as well as sound facilities. He noted that we should also perfect the overall designs of Chashan’ao, unify the regulation of farm houses and the dressing code, promote the entire image of the rural tourism. Besides, related personnel must aid the local people in achieving prosperity by combination of company and peasant household. Subsequently, Zhou came to the outdoor scene stage for the opening ceremony, and learned about its ongoing process. He also required the working staff to be committed to presenting impressive cultural performances with elaborate arrangements and fine rehearsals.

In the dispatching meeting, Zhou Nong admired the achievements in the eco-tourism of Chashan’ao. He stated that the party committee and government in Zhuhui District set great store by the improvement work of the eco-tourism, especially the main party leaders went all-in on the work through close study, deployment and motivation. The conceived idea of One Body Two Wings was of clearness and distinct progress has been made in the eco-tourism growth so far. Meanwhile, different provision work for the rural eco-tourism festival has been underway in a safe and steady pace, creating a strong festival ambience.

Zhou Nong praised Chashan’ao for its nature beauty, abundant resources, favorable geographic position that is not far from downtown and well close to the high-speed railway station and Binjiang New District, all of which pave the way for the development of rural eco-tourism and distinctive town. He hoped the regions in the district and town are all developing all-for-one tourism in a high level, and committed to rendering Chashan’ao into a model of tourism-featured town within Hengyang.

Tourism-featured town needs developing with acceleration and an all-round plan. Zhou Nong emphasized that tourism master plan in a high level must be well laid down, in accordance with the construction of small towns and beautiful countryside in unification, simultaneity and continuity, proactively pushing forward the integration of city development and industries. Additionally, we must well recognize different development for various areas such as Binjiang New Distric and Dongyangdu Town, in a bid to complement one another, promote inclusive development, well formulate the tour route and accelerate the growth of 4A tourist attraction.

Prominent features must stand out. In that connection, we must drive the economic development with industries with local advantage and retain local style with distinctive local culture. Instead of demanding perfection or covering all aspects, we should focus on a competitive industry featuring a unique style and characteristic, creating a complete industrial ecology circle. Moreover, towering trees and ancient architecture must be well preserved and historical relics be repaired as well as possible for remaining its nostalgia for tourists. We also need to attract good investments and develop high-value products, enabling tourists to indulge themselves into the tour and come back for more in any reason.

As for Hengyang rural eco-tourism festival, Zhou Nong demanded that officers at all levels must further scrutinize the work program and fix its demerits; earnestly organize and strengthen the cooperation, ensuring every activity and link is inextricably connected and under control; put work safety at the first place, work painstakingly on the sites of activity, traffic, food safety, public overhaul with full responsibility, holding onto the bottom line of public security; provide warm and thoughtful reception and present a good image of Hengyang; intensify the popularity and consequence of the festival by means of newspapers, TV, the Internet, mobile phones etc.; boost economic growth through the festival; seek strategic investors and a pile of tourist development contracts via the festival, further remedy the drawbacks formed in the tourism development.

Liao Jian, the deputy mayor of Hengyang, also participated in the inspection and presided over the dispatching meeting.


Translator: Yin Jing

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