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25 Small Touristic Towns to be Promoted for Strategy of Global Tourism in Hengyang City
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:47 [A  A]
In the morning of March 9th, the promotion conference of state-owned enterprises and famous tourism investment institutes for the small touristic towns in Hengyang City was held. 25 small touristic towns have been listed in the project by the principals from 12 counties or districts of Hengyang City. The project has also been promoted to state-owned enterprises and famous tourism investment institutes. The standing member and secretary general of the municipal party committee Zhang Hewen attended the meeting and made an important presentation.

In recent years, the tourism of Hengyang City has been developed very well, expressing a good situation of speed, continuity and healthy development. In 2016, the city has received 58.1235 million visitors from all over the world, and the income of tourism reached 38.866 billion Yuan. During the 13th Five Year plan period, in order to reach the scene which people build, enjoy, and integrate together, and build a global tourist area, Hengyang City will try to implement the strategy of global tourism. The small tourism towns have many functions, including cultural experience, tourism service, vocation and entertainment. The strategy of innovative development in small space shall help the city to further implement the global tourism policy for the satisfaction of tourists.

At the promotion meeting, the directors of counties or districts recommended the investment project to the business representatives one by one, showing the regional advantages of Hengyang City and the prospect planning of the project. Representatives of sixteen famous companies and tourism investment organizations, including CITIC TRAVEL CO.,LTD, China Construction Company, China Construction Communication Engineering Group Corporation Limited, praised Hengyang City for its greatness of local people, glory of the place, and abundance of culture and natural resources. They were very confident about the development of the project.

Mr. Zhang said: “Hengyang City is rich in tourism resources and in convenient transportation. We are well prepared with implementing preferential policies and quality service to try our best to promote the tourism development of Hengyang City. We hope that the representatives make full visit and investigation in every tourism town, so that we can have a long-term cooperation and promote the development of the project.

Leaders of Hengyang City party committee and government Li Pengfei, Liao Jian, and Zhou Yumei attended the meeting.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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