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[Hengdong County] Wu Weisheng inspects Production Safety, Project Operation in Enterprises
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:35:47 [A  A]




In the afternoon of March 7th, the secretary of Hengdong County Party Committee Wu Weisheng launched an investigation and research on the process of safety production and project running in Nandong Tungsten Industry Co. Ltd, Hunan Fluorine Chemistry Co.Ltd, Hunan Ziting Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd and Hunan Sanzhangyuan Advanced Material Co. Ltd.
Nandong Tungsten Industry is located in the urban area, and it’s a private enterprise with more than 20 year’s history. This year, it responded positively to the policy, retreating from the urban area and shifting to the industrial park, proposed by the County Party Committee and the Country government. The company picked up the connection with Hengdong County Industrial Park and completed the task of land functional replacement. Wu Weisheng was overjoyed, and he pointed out that enterprises should carry out the “retreat and shift” policy to give impetus to the industrial transformation and the upgrading and city integration, so that we can embark on the green development path of low-carbon, modern and high-efficiency. He required the relevant departments should follow the principles of voluntary participation by enterprises and domination by government to guide the industrial enterprise in urban area to develop with the policy of “retreat and shift”, by coordinating and solving any kinds of difficulties and problems happening in the process of relocating the enterprises, optimizing industrial layout, and boosting the industrial development. He also requested the parks should give full play to its advantages and set up a solid platform of transformation and upgrading, then absorb the superior enterprises of “retreating from the urban area and shifting to industrial park” to ultimately impel the promotion of regional competitiveness of Hengdong County.

For the past two years, on account of continuous downturn of nonferrous metal market, Hunan Fluorine Chemistry Co. Ltd and Hunan Ziting Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd were in off production or in half production. Along with the improvement of market quotation, they both prepared to make their efforts to make full production. After the overhaul of one month, Hunan Fluorine Chemistry Co. Ltd will launch 4 production lines at the same time, and the estimated annual output could reach 60,000 tons and the output value will reach more than 400 million Yuan. The price of electrolytic aluminum in Hunan Ziting Nonferrous Metals Co. Ltd has bottomed out to 22,000 Yuan per ton from 12,000 Yuan per ton while in the most floundering condition. With the full-load work, the daily output could reach 15 to 20 tons and the economic efficiency is very considerable. Wu Weisheng emphasized that chemical enterprises and nonferrous industrial enterprises should stick to the underlying principles of environmental protection and safety production at any moment and never loosen the safety awareness in any part or in the process of overhaul. We should put the raw materials and safeguard procedures into designed locations to avoid causing secondary pollution when it rains. We must keep safety facilities in place to avoid misunderstandings and prevent crisis before they emerge. We must intensify employees’ safety consciousness through strict systematic management. Wu Weisheng was very satisfied with the result that Hunan Fluorine Metals Co. Ltd had passed the test of overhaul and it would lower the emission standard of chloride. He asked enterprises to strictly follow the new standard, no discharging without evaluation, no production without evaluation, so that we can ensure the safety production of enterprises and the people’s life and property in safety.

Hunan Sanzhangyuan New Science and Technology Ltd., a project newly introduced in September last year, settled in the industrial park of Hengdong County of Hunan province. Its total investment amounts to 40 million Yuan. Now how is the project going? Have any difficulties been encountered in the project? With this puzzle and concern, Wu Weisheng walked into the park to thoroughly understand the progress of the project construction. After being informed that two production lines have been put into production operations, he showed his approval and visited the first batch of newly produced high-tech products with interest, the high-quality synthesizing diamond alloy powder catalyst. Non- pollution and high and new technology is the biggest character of the enterprise products. In the conversation, Mr. Wu specially asked about the difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises and made a requirement that the industrial park should put the needs of enterprises in the first place and make every attempt to be a good “babysitter” as well as clearing the way for the development of the enterprise. Wu Weisheng emphasized that developing high and new technology industry was the key to promote parks to achieve transformation and upgrading. The parks should work hard for creating a new growth pole in Hengdong County to stimulate economy and achieve the green, healthy and sustainable development of economy through introducing high and new technology frequently, realizing the industrial cluster and transforming and upgrading. It is reported that the company will launch 2 new production lines, and then the annual output will reach 2,000 tons and sales 130 million Yuan, giving tax of 6 million Yuan.

Translated by Xie Caihong

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