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Article List
[2922576] Hengyang Municipal Government and Greenland Holding Group signed strategic cooperation framework agreement
  On the morning of September 19th, Hengyang Municipal Government and Greenland Holding Group (hereafter called Greenland Group) signed strategic cooperation framew... ---- LastUpdate:2019-09-22
[2917290] Zheng Jianxin went to some schools for conducting research work for education and campus safety in depth
  On the 6th September, with the 35th Teacher’s Day approaching, Zheng Xinjian, the Municipal Secretary of CPC, went to some kindergartens, primary schools and sen... ---- LastUpdate:2019-09-10
[2910217] “Hengyang Mass” Volunteers Carry out Sanitation City Publicity Activity on Chinese Doctors Day The news is reported by reporter Li Jialing and correspondent Li Feiyue
  On August 20th afternoon, in order to carry forward the noble spirit and focusing on health... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-29
[2909908] The most beautiful people in Hengyang: Tang Xiaojian "let every seed of goodness take root and grow" The temperature in the midsummer’s early morning has begun to rise. The elderly, with happy smiles on their face, were sharing watermelons brought by volunteers in Fu... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-29
[2909907] Hengyang Launches ‘the Third Three-Year Action Plan’ for the Protection and Management of the Xiang River This year is the opening year of ‘the Key Project No.1’ and ‘the third three -year action plan’ for the protection and management of the Xiang River. , On the mor... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-29
[2910210] Zeng CunLiang:Never Forget Where Our Happiness Comes from "Uncle Zeng, how could we be a good man?" "Kids, when we meet people in need, we should do our best to help them. At the same time, we should think about the source of... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-29
[2908889] Deng Qunce: resolutely win the battle of the urban construction sector
  On August 23, Deng Qunce, the Mayor and Deputy Secretary of CPC Hengyang MunicipaI Commiftee, Ied the team to Hengshan County and Hengdong County to investigate t... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-27
[2908888] Zheng Jianxin: National people’s Congress should have closer ties with people
  On the morning of August 23, Zheng Jianxin went into deep investigation and investigation of township streets and grass-roots deputies to the people's Congress in... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-27
[2907660] A Doctor of Benevolence: Dr.Liu Shaojun Perseveres in Doing Urinary Catheterization for a Needy Patient In Fumin village, sulfur town, Hengnan county, there is a doctor named Liu shaojun who has been helping an old man with prostate cancer do urethral catheterization fo... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-22
[2907656] Hengyang Has Won the Anti-drug Battle and Uncovered 239 Drug Related Cases This Year On August 12, Hengyang City held an evaluation conference on anti-drug work to convey the spirit of national and provincial anti-drug work conference, to summarize the... ---- LastUpdate:2019-08-22
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