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Article List
[1958740] Chen Guohui Greets Poor Party Members in Baishazhou Industrial Park
  On February 13, to welcome the approaching of the traditional spring festival, the vice director of the municipal organization department Chen Guohui went to Bais... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-20
[1958741] Deng Ke Greets Police of First Line   In the morning of February 12, the standing member of the municipal party commtiee and secretary of the municipal political and legal committee Deng Ke, the vice ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-20
[1958739] Hengyang: Deng Qunce Inspects Real Economy, Electricity, Water Support on First Day of Lunar Year
  A year’s plan starts in spring and a day’s plan starts in the morning. February 16 is the first day of the lunar year in China. In the early morning, the vice s... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-20
[1958738] Zheng Jianxin: Warmth of Party Committee, Government to Tashan Residents
  On February 12, the secretary of the municipal party committee Zheng Jianxin went to Tashan Yao Nationality Town of Changning City and Foxconn Hengyang Science an... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-20
[1957640] Hengyang city to deliver the planning draft at the end of 2018
  On February 8th, Hengyang urban & rural planning authority called a special session about city planning, which requires the whole authority staff to focus their a... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-13
[1957639] Deployment of Forest Fire Prevention in Spring Festival   Spring Festival is not only the peak of the mass sacrificing ancestors and fireworks, but also the high incidence of forest fires. In order to effectively carry o... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-13
[1957638] “Safe and Civilized City” Spring Festival Activity in Hengyang
  “Pasting Spring Festival couplets to greet the lunar calendar new year” has always been the old tradition of Chinese nations and a symbol of auspiciousness, whi... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-13
[1957635] Hengyang Holds 2018 Symposium of Veteran Cadres
  On the morning of 11th Feb., the city government holds a symposium for veteran cadres in embracing the new year. As Deng Qunce, deputy party secretary and municip... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-13
[1957528] Hengyang: 9.017 Billion Yuan Got in Local Taxation Last Year
  On February 7, the work meeting of local taxation was held. The total income of local taxation was up to 9.017 billion Yuan. The ratio of local taxation in the to... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-12
[1957522] Hengyang to Push Sewage Treatment, Shanty Towns’ Reconstruction
  In order to grasp the comprehensive rectification of the countryside environment, push the sewage treatment and improve the housing level, the infrastructure of p... ---- LastUpdate:2018-02-12
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