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Article List
[1904052] 3rd East Ring Road Opento Traffic in July 2018
  On the afternoon of Dec. 10th, Chashanao section of the 3rd East Ring Road, which has just been put into operation, was busy with cars running one after another. ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-12
[1904047] Leishui Bridge in Hengyang Tourism Demonstration Line Starts Construction
  On December 10th, the inauguration of Leishui Bridge, the cloud rail test section of Hengyang tourism demonstration line was launched, marking the first substanti... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-12
[1904040] 4th Plenary Session of the 11th Hengyang Municipal Party Committee of the CPC
  The 4th plenary session of the 11th Hengyang municipal Party committee of the CPC was convoked on Dec. 8. The session holds high the great banner of Xi’s sociali... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-12
[1904035] Hengyang Huanchengnan Road Open to Traffic After Reconstruction
  On December 8th, the journalist found that construction had been finished and opened to traffic from Xianfeng Road to Zhengyangnan Road and from Zhengyang Road to... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-12
[1902811] UNESCO Experts Survey Hunan for Language Resource Protection   A five-person UNESCO delegation surveyed Hunan recently for language resource protection. Ms. Irmgarda Kasinskaite-Buddeberg, UNESCO’s World Atlas of Language pr... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-08
[1902810] Culture Activities Held for Middle School Students
  Mthan 800 students from Hengyang Chengzhang Experimental Middle School attended a two-day activity to experience Huxiang culture. They visited Hunan Provincial Sc... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-08
[1901852] 10 Excellent Volunteers Commended on International Volunteers Day   December 5 marks the 32th world volunteer day, a day which belongs to volunteers. On this day, more than 1400 volunteers gathered at the Sun Square and started th... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-06
[1901851] Highlights Repeat in the Matches of Reserve Team of CBA on The First Day
  On December 4, the match of reserve teams of CBA kicks off in Hengyang Sports Center, which drew rounds of applauds and cheers from the audience. Three matches, i... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-06
[1901850] University of South China Organizes Activities to Celebrate International Volunteers Day
  To celebrate the arrival of "the International Volunteer Day", and to meet the assessment of undergraduate teaching, on the morning of December 2, the large-scale... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-06
[1901032] Caring for AIDS Patients: Publicity Activity for Knowing AIDS   The 30th World AIDS Day falls on Dec. 1st, 2017. “Let’s take the responsibility of preventing AIDS, share the right of being healthy and make a contribution to ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-12-05
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