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China urges a ‘common destiny’at the UN
From: | Date Add in:2018-01-20 23:00:01 [A  A]

As worldwide concerns over nuclear weapons are the highest they've been since the Cold War, China holds the view that strengthening global governance of non-proliferation is an important component for building a common destiny for mankind, and wants to enhance cooperation and coordination at many levels.

So said Chinese Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations Wu Haitao at a Security Council session on non-proliferation in New York on Thursday.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for comprehensive political solutions that include dialogue and negotiation to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflicts.

"In such a geopolitical context, confidence-building measures that support arms control, non-proliferation and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction are extremely important," said Guterres.

For the measures to be truly effective, Guterres called for nations to take full advantage of their strengths.

"Trust is essential," he said. "But confidence can be undermined by bellicose rhetoric, confrontational approaches, the absence of communication channels and inflexible positions."

Wu said that President Xi Jinping had pointed out that no country can respond on its own to the various challenges facing mankind, no country can return to a self-reclusive island of isolation.

"We urge people of the world to work together to build a common destiny of mankind, and build a world with lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity and a world that is open, inclusive, clean and beautiful," said Wu.

Wu highlighted that China has consistently advocated for cooperation to push for peaceful solutions to conflicts and support for conflict prevention.

He reiterated that China is firmly opposed to proliferation of WMDs and their delivery systems.

China has acceded to all international conventions and joined relevant international organizations in the field of non-proliferation.

China has built a complete system of non-proliferation on export control and ensured effective implementation of relevant laws and regulations.

China has constructively participated in the negotiation and implementation process of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran and put forward China's proposals.

China has also been pushing for a negotiated solution on the Korean Peninsula.

Wu said non-proliferation is a long-term task for the international community and requested the involvement of all countries.

As a builder of world peace and guardian of international non-proliferation, "China would like to work with all parties to make a greater contribution and enhance the international non-proliferation regime, advancing global governance on non-proliferation and jointly build a common destiny for mankind," he said.

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