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Speech made by Zhang Hewen on the Launching Ceremony of Hengyang Food Safety Publicity Week in 2014
From:e-Government | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:19 [A  A]

My fellow cadres:

  Food is the first necessity of people`s living and the safety is the first priority of food production and consumption. Food safety, as an important factor of people’s living, economic development and political improvement, closely relates to the public health and the safety of people’s life.to strengthen food safety supervision is to meet the need of people, to shoulder the governmental responsibility and to meet the needs of development. The Municipal CPC Committee and the Municipal Government has always and always will highly value food safety with including food safety into the priorities of government work and continuously strengthening the working measures. In recent years, the Municipal Government strengthened its control on the plantation of agricultural food products, the breeding of the livestock and aquatic products, the manufacturing of food and the food and beverage service and severely punished the illegal food production. 1558 food safety cases have been investigated and treated throughout 2013 and over 513 cases have been treated during the January and May. The overall situation of the food safety in Hengyang is generally sound and the food safety of the Hengyang people has been generally secured.
  Food safety is a big thing which concerns everybody. The propaganda week is to popularize food safety knowledge, to foster the awareness of healthy diet and to help the food manufacturers build the food safety responsibility coconsciousness through extensive and intensive propaganda and mobilization. To encourage the people to participate in the food safety supervision, the Municipal Government made Award Incentives Scheme of Food Safety to give award to the reporters after seriously verification to strictly protect the legal benefits of reporters. 94 reporters have been rewarded with 135000 RMB in last year to encourage every social member to be the champion, supervisor and beneficiary of food safety. 
  The responsibility of food safety is great and the mission to secure food safety is honorable. All departments on every level of the government should well perform their own duties and the responsibilities should be divided to every individuals to better complete the mission of securing the food safety. The food safety should be guaranteed from the source of the food manufacturing, including the production of diary products, the edible oil, the rice noodles and meat. The specific and important field of food manufacturing should be paid more attention to strengthen the food safety supervision in schools and rural districts. The report channels of food safety should be guaranteed and the cooperation mechanism should be further completed. The clues of food safety problems and food that do not meet the standards must be investigated and treated timely.  
  My fellow cadres, food safety should be paid high attention without any ignorance. To improve the guaranteeing ability of food safety needs the participation and cooperation of social members. Let us gather the strength we can to make positive contribution to the diet safety and public health.

  Let us pray for the successful completion of the propaganda week in advance.  

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