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The Leading Party Group of Zhuhui Gvernment Held Mobilization Meeting for Mass-line Education and Practice
From:e-Government | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:19 [A  A]
On the April 14th morning, the leading party group of Zhuhui District government held a mobilization meeting for the mass-line education and practice in the conference room on the forth floor of the government building in Zhuhui District. Peng Jianyuan, a member of the standing party of the CPC committee and deputy commissioner has made an important speech to mobilize the participants. The deputy chief of the 11th group of superintends from the municipal government, Shan Wenzhou has participated the meeting and delivered significant speech. The meeting was hosted by Nie Baizhou, a member of the standing party of the CPC committee and deputy commissioner.

 Peng Jianyuan pointed that four aspects should be paid attention to so as to better carry out the mass-line education and practice. The first one was to strengthen and unify understanding. The second one was to make clear the requirements and outline the key points. The third one was to control the working schedule well and push forward the activities. The forth one was to strengthen the administration of the leaders to ensure the achievements. He pointed out that heart-to-heart talks would do good to the implementation of mass-line education and practice. Through talking with the people and cadres, the problems could be better solved. He also pointed out that mass-line education and practice should be planned together with other works, including finance and tax, safe production, and the economic index.

 Shan Wenzhou, the deputy chief of the 11th group of superintends from the municipal government, required that the members of the leading party group should calm down and strengthen their study with sense of responsibility, honest attitude and the feelings to people. He demanded that most CPC members should change their attitudes to directly face the problems not hiding and daring to be earnest. The emphasis should be put on the people’s living and the attention to disadvantaged minorities and the interests of people. The district government should pay more attention to the construction of the low-priced rent house and the reconstruction of the slums and the environment of slums. The modifications should be done with learning and examining at the same time to ensure tangible and visible achievements.

 After the meeting, the district government organized a democratic appraisal for the 12 members of the leading party group. Special attention had been paid to the problems existing in the working style.

   Members of the leading party group, members of the relevant government department, members of the government offices and the chiefs of other departments.


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