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College Entrance Examination Approaching,Travel to Reduce Pressure
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2017-11-25 17:18:34 [A  A]

  College entrance examination is entering the countdown stage when the students in the third grade in senior high are preparing for the exam most nervously. To ease the tight strain and nerves of the students, many parents get down to planning activities to get the students relaxed and the great pressure reduced. Travel to reduce stress is the first choice for students to relax themselves.

    Yumu Mount

  Yunmu mount is so-named for the wreathing mist shaped by the special geograph there. It is easy to form clouds and fog here because of the influence of topography. Yumu Mount is located to the southwest of Hengyang, east of which is connected with Huiyan Peak, one of the 72 peaks of Hengshan Mountain, south of which is connected with Shiniu Peak in Hengnan County. Yunmu Mount is the nearest, largest and best ecological place with beautiful mountains and rivers in Hengyang. Water is gurgling down Yumu Mount to form lakes. There are Yunmu Lake in the south, Sitangchong reservoir in the north, Jiulongchong reservoir in the west, Guolutang reservoir wrapping around the base of the mount, like mirrors reflecting the continuous mountains, which is really astounding and fascinating. It is a real good choice to drive there for relaxation and fresh air. It is convenient to have lunch in the farmhouse restaurant at the foot of Yunmu Mount. The delicious preserved fish and meat and meals in local wild game definitely let you want to wolf them down.

  Recommended places: Yunmu Mount, Jiuguan Bridge, Goulou Peak, Xijiang Drift, and Feitian Mount.


  Xijiang Drift


  Xijiang originates from Heaven Mount which is 1265 meters above sea level in Tashan Yao nationality village, Changning city. Its total length is 10 km. And the drop of it is up to 100 meters. There are 16 rapids and more than 20 sharp bends along the way where picturesque shores flush with flourish vegetation. You can listen to music of Yao, watch the local building in Yao village and enjoy folk performances of Yao nationality while drifting in a boat. The travelers can see Yao girls waving to travelers on board or ashore. There are custom parties in the evening. You can taste exquisite Yao cuisines after drift. You are definitely going to have a special and interesting experience there!
  Feitian Mount

  Feitian Mount is situated in Suxian district of Chengzhou city. Feitian Mount has long enjoyed good reputation. The great geographic expert, Xu Xiake in Ming dynasty praised that no land here is without beauty and no mount here is without oddity. And it is engraved on the mount with" every inch of mount is beautiful". There are rolling hills, criss-crossing ravines and gullies, water and mountains, scattered yet well-proportioned village in scenic region.The delicate are wonderful workmanship excelling nature like having been crafted; The magnificent are roaring across the horizon with soaring aspirations. The picturesque scenery around Cui River can compete with Li River in Guilin which is a very well-known scenic spot in China. It enjoys the reputation of "Little Guilin". As a famous ancient poem said "DanXia landform cuts off green mountains in the distance, stones appear mysteriously" along the river. Drifting on the river, you can appreciate red peaks standing high along the mount, red stones, green water, grotesque rocks, secluded caves, green ancient trees, and vast bamboo sea. The travelers can have a great sightseeing experience in four seasons with green plant, can smell the flower fragrance in three seasons of all the year round. The fantastic Danxia landscape which is said that "Surrounding green mountains are like a screen" and "You can find spring in grass, trees, flowers even in light."


  Jiuguan Bridge

  Jiuguan Bridge can catch your eye absolutely. It gives you not a shock, a surprise or a touch but a boundless delight. With a blowing breeze, a landscape painting with a unique visual impact crashes into your scenes, which makes you amazed that clear water and blue sky which is common around Hengyang can be so beautiful! Jiuguan Bridge now has been the preferred destination of Hengyang short-term leisure tourism. Jiuguan Bridge is named for Jiuguan Bridge reservoir hiding in a valley between Zhurong Peak of Hengshan Mountain and Goulou peak. Countless brooks like Jiulong Xia gather and form this large reservoir showing the harmony between artificial architecture and natural landscape. You can go boating, climbing mountains and get wet in Jiulongxia drift. Then you can have a real treat in the happy farmhouses at the foot of the mountain. There are various dishes such as fern, crucian, blood duck, snail and chicken, and nostoc commune.


  Goulou peak

  Deep in the undulating mountains and immense forest, abundant forest resources have become unique advantage in forest tourism of Goulou Peak. Its annual average temperature is 17.9 degree centigrade and the vegetation-cover rate of the park reaches 95%. Entering the park, you can enjoy blowing breeze and cool air. In midsummer, you will definitely feel totally cool and comfortable after walking into the central mountains. So Goulou Peak is the best place to spend hot summer since ancient times.Sanmensi reservoir with vast expanse of mist-covered waters and green hills is an excellent place for leisure and entertainment such as rowing or fishing. No wonder predecessors left poems that Goulou peak is peerless among landscape in the world.

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