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Top Five Beautiful Camps in Hengyang
From:衡阳市党政门户网 | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:59:42 [A  A]

  1. Paradise Mount: The most beautiful name is left in the depths of the mountains.

  Many tourists are flocking to Paradise Mount because of overwhelming azaleas. Every April or May, delicate and charming azaleas would cover the land over five hundred meters high on Paradise Mount.

  Deng Bocheng, director of executive office of township government in Tashan, Changning said that every April or May, Tashan village receives more than five hundred visitors per day on average with a maximum of about thousands.

  Route: You can take express buses in Central Bus Station to Lotus bus station in Changning (Hunan transportation). And then you can go to Quanfeng station by NO.3 public bus for free. There are two regular buses to Puzhu village, Tasan in Quan Feng station, nine o’clock around in the morning and half past four around in the afternoon. You can get off at Fengchekou. Then you need to walk six kilometers to the foot of the mountain or you can thumb a ride. You need to go up the mountain on foot totally. Tourists going a self-driving travel can have navigation to Shiyuan Village down Paradise Mount.

For the crowd: Couples


  2. Tianzhu Peak: You can get a wide view of surrounding scenery and it is most beautiful when mist in the mountain seems clear but not.

  Tianzhu Peak is situated in the southwest of Zhurong Peak, 1061 meters above sea level. "Nanyue records" written in Guangxu period in Qing Dynasty said that "two peaks are dignified and towering. Their shapes are like pillars." hence the name. There is a two-story hexagonal stone pavilion which was built by forestry departments for inspecting fire warning in the 1960s. There are stone steps to the summit in the east and west. Cliff in the south and north seem to be cut out, and the most dangerous spot of the summit is only three feet wide. Mountain wind roaring, tourists have to crawl through here. There is a small level ground where you can enjoy surrounding scenery:  you can have a panoramic view of ancient and beautiful Nanyue Town, criss-crossing highway, rolling hills, rank after rank of terraces.

  What`s more, stone inscription on the south side of the cliff is the biggest one in Nanyue.

  There is "Sky Column and stone chamber" built with granite in twenty-five years on the way. Running water and toilet are available, so it is the best place for camping. Basket carriers who camped here said that on a foggy day, when mist seems clear but not, deep mountains looming in the clouds have a unique lingering charm.

  Route: Enter into Hengshan Mountain scenic area, walk along the highway to Mojing Tai, and go up the peak from hiking trails.

  For the crowd: Groups of friends


  3. Goulou Peak: It is near, and has numerous historical sites for enjoying.

  Goulou Peak is located in the northern suburbs of Hengyang, only 25 kilometers away from Hengyang city, 1106meters above sea level. Forest coverage there reaches 95%. The east side of the peak is close to Xiangjiang; the west faces Jiufeng; the north clasps Zhurong; the south is adjacent to the urban area of Hengyang. National road 107 passes near the hill. Lila highway goes straight to the summit. There are numerous historical sites, including Yuwang Temple, Yuwang Stele and other significant cultural relics and historic sites. It is a good place to climb mountains, escape the heat, relax and spend the weekends.

  Route: Take NO.13 public bus to Jibing and go to the foot of the mountain by minibus.

  For the crowd: A whole family


  4. Jiuguan Lake: bonfire party can be held and authentic Hengdong cuisine are available.

  Jiuguan Lake lies in the border area between Tiane Village and Shini Village, Dianmen Town, Hengdong County. It is like a wild goose spreading its wings and flying up seen from high.

  The lake covers 38.93 square kilometers, holding 28.8 million cubic meters. The irrigation area of it is 95 thousand mou. It is the biggest reservoir in Hengdong. Surrounded by green hills, it is a good choice for leisure for the peaceful environment there. Through further development and construction, now it becomes a comprehensive resort for irrigation, electricity generation, travel, leisure and provides authentic Hengdong cuisine.
"You can have a bonfire party when you camp at Jiuguan Lake. Groups of people gather around the bonfire. Facing the lake, you will suddenly cheer up." introduced by a tourist.

  Route: Take buses to Hengshan in Central bus station and get off at Jiuguan bridge holiday village.

  For the crowd: Group activities



  5. Dongzhou Island: It is a good choice for calm thinking.

  When you mention Dongzhou island, every person in Hengyang knows it. It is about 2 kilometers long and more than 200 meters wide. There are temples, academies, ancient trees, peach blossoms, dense shade, and quiet environment. The sand beach can be seen at dry season. Jun Mount of Yueyang, Juzi Island of Changsha and Dongzhou Island of Hengyang are called three islands in Xingjiang river basin.

  For the crowd: People who need calm thinking.



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