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Travel to the Most Beautiful Mountain Ridge in Hengyang
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:33 [A  A]

    It was really refreshing to spend half a day walking in the He Ling Mountain, which lies in the Shigang village, Ganxi Town Hengdong County.

   On September 2, 2013, the weather was fine. The journalist with some outdoor sports enthusiasts set out from Hengyang City to Hengdong County through Hengyang-Shaoyang Expressway and Quannan Expressways. After reaching Hengdong County, they drove directly to the Shigang village on the NO. X001 and S315 National Roads. If there hadn`t been a traffic jam, we only would have spent 100 minutes to get there.

   It just took 15 minutes to climb up to the top since He Ling mountain isn`t very high. Upon reaching the mountain top, a marvelous ridge line jumped into your view. In such a beautiful scenery in the mountain, the journalist couldn`t help praising:"What a shocking ridge line it is!"

   The sky in the autumn was purely blue and clear. Standing on the mountain ridge and looking up to the gorgeous blue sky, travelers would be easily drunken in the genuine beauty and would certainly get a clear mind. Then why not look down? You will get a panoramic view of the range upon range made up of green mountains and meandering villages as well as the golden rice fields.

   The great huge stones in this mountain are the bonous given by the nature. The miraculous charm of the nature is also unfolding completely among these stones. Some of them just are standing there like lions in the mountain, and some of them are lying there as if they have fallen down from the universe. Some of them look like the cheeks of human beings. You will surely marveled at the work of God under such circumstances.

    It took us about 5 hours to walk through the ridge line, which extends to the Dongyan Town.

   It was the second time for the captain of this outdoor activity who is called "qing hui gun ying" on the Internet to get to the He Ling Mountain. Excited, he stood in a pure yellow grassland and told us: I love the blue sky and white cloud, the wild grass as well as the cool wind very much, It`s a good place to take photos absolutely."

   A senior student of Hengyang Normal University, whose nickname is "qing tian xiao zhu”"on the Internet took some photos in such a beautiful scenery. He was another leader of this team. While appreciating the beauty of the mountain, he said pleasantly: It’s a fantastic aerobic exercise and it maximizes the happiness of ourselves.

   It was said that this ridge line was discovered by travel companions last autumn. The group of kind and respectable outdoor activity enthusiasts have been looking for the beautiful things in our hometown with their deep love for Hengyang geography.

   Surely, we always firmly believe that there are much more deep love in the geography. What we have experienced every time is like a drop of water but with time goes by, it will become a vast ocean, from which we have absorbed the nutrition and we treasure every traveling experience. Also, we are intended to share all wonderful things with others kindly. The sightseeing to He Ling Mountain today, the unexpected meet with Shennong Temple last time, and the visit to Lion Bridge .etc.,all these experiences show that the program Hengyang Geography has touched people with its tenderness and attractiveness and it has been trying his best to discover the unknown beauty and then present it to the public to appreciate in Hengyang, an old city with splendid history.

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