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Positive measures to guarantee the success of flood control in Tourism of Hengyang
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-17 18:02:48 [A  A]

  Since it has stepped in the flood season, Hengyang has been lashed by continuous heavy rainfall, especially on June 24th when the whole city saw a consecutive rainy weather, mostly torrential rain and rainstorms in part. Tourism industry of counties and urban districts were generally affected. Up to now, a total of 6 scenic spots has closed in Hengyang, including Hengnan Jiangkou Bird Island. The Nanyue Scenic Area has also stopped selling tickets at night. According to incomplete statistics, all kinds of economic losses of tourism industry in Hengyang was up to more than 60 million yuan with tickets and other direct income loss of 10 million yuan. Flood control situation was very grim.

  With rapid response, decisive action, resolute disposition and scientific command in flood control,Provincial Tourism Development Commission,Municipal Party Committee,Municipal Government, attached great importance to take effective measures to organize cadres and the masses to struggle for flood prevention effectively and orderly , and take efforts to minimize the loss.

  Firstly, great sttention has been paid to the flood control and rapid response has been correspondently made. Upon receiving the weather forecast and the provincial flood control work arrangements, Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government of Hengyang paid high attention to it. Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, Zhounong, Acting Mayor Zheng Jianxin and leaders in charge of Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government made on-the-spot investigation several times to understand the situation and held a special meeting to arrange for the deployment of flood prevention work. In accordance with the requirements, Hengyang Overseas Bureau of Religious Affairs at once issued the notice of the flood prevention and control, and summarized the statistics on the situation of the scenic. Director General Xiang Qian, Deputy Director Jin Dunqi, Li Xin and staff of related departments went to the scene for command and dispatch, calling to strengthen the flood control of key scenic spots and the key parts, and timely start the tourism emergency plan to prevent casualties caused by flash floods, landslides, hill-creep and other secondary disasters resulting from constant rain wrapped in rainstorm. Xie Wenwei, Director of Shigu Academy and She Anrui, the Manager of Goulou Mountain National Forest Park took the lead in carrying out work, improving all kinds of measures, and adhering to the flood control line for more than ten days to ensure that flood control work was implemented.

  Second, emergency duty has been stengthened to make timely investigation and give out early warning. Departments of City, County (City) area, scenic spots strengthened strict personnel duty and emergency duty for whole 24 hours. According tomonitoring indicators of the city flood control headquarters and meteorological department, specially-assigned persons were arranged in Nanyue Hengshan Scenic Area, Changning Yin Shan Cultural Tourism Area, Leiyang Cai Lun Bamboo Sea Area, Hengnan Qishan Scenic Area and Shigu Academy, to implement leader's instruction and spirit of flood control safety for casualties prevention.

  Third, timely plans have been initiated to deal with emergencies. After continuous rainstorm, the tourism departments immediately entered the actual state of the security work in the first place, to ensure safety of tourists and flood control personnel and to prevent secondary disasters and derivative disasters. Five large-capacity pumps and sandbags and other facilities and equipments were purchased in advance in Huaguoshan Scenic Area, Thanks to reasonable arrangements for emergency units, three unexpected matters have been resolved promptly and safety has also been guaranteed.

  According to the weather forecast, this rainfall would continue until July 3, during which time there may be heavy rain in some local areas. The next step, Hengyang Overseas Bureau of Religious Affairs would be, in accordance with the requirements of Provincial Tourism Commission, the Municipal Government and Municipal Defense, on high alert to further carry out security responsibility, pay close attention to measure the implementation and do a good job of travelling flood control and safty work.


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