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Tourism of Hengyang in May Day Holiday reaching another record high
From:新华网 | Date Add in:2017-10-17 18:01:26 [A  A]

During this Labour Day long weekend, Hengyang City received 827.7 thousand tourists, representing an increase of 13.78 percent; tourism income reached 470 million yuan, up 14.65 percent. Thereinto, Hengshan Mountain witnessed 136.5 thousand tourists with tickets, a rise of 11.07 percent; ticket income came to 9.898 million yuan, growing by 8.89 percent. Owing to the good weather, the surrounding medium- and short-distance travel, village tour, travel to visit relatives were at high popularity over the last year.

On holidays, a large number of domestic and foreign tourists would come to Hengshan Mountain, the leading scenic spot of Hengyang City, to make a pilgrimage or go sightseeing. At ten of the first day of this May Day Holiday, large quantities of tourists had arrived at the Square of Nanyue Temple, keeping in line to wait for coming into the temple, which is the first peak point after tourists' entering the scenic spot. It's reported that a total of 46.7 thousand tourists with tickets visited Hengshan Mountain, bringing 3408 thousand yuan of ticket revenue.

This May Day holiday, group travel in medium- and short-distance, village tour, self-driving travelling were very popular among citizens. Rural tourism was very hot: the Pear Orchard in Chashan'ao Town and Double Inlets  witnessed people sea and car stream, as well as all kinds of ongoing activities; the number of suburban tourist has risen considerably. A-level travel resorts (points) were teeming with tourists, such as Huaguoshan Scenic Spot, Goulou Peak, Leiyang Bamboo Sea, Luo Rong-huan Former Residence in Hengdong, Cai Lun Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, Yin Mountain in Changning, Yunmu Mountain, Shigu Academy and South Lake Park; restaurants and playgrounds of Jiayuan Allia, Ouyanghai Allia, Lvyefurong Allia, Mengyuan Allia and a number of 5-star rural tourism service area (dot) all bursted with popularity; the number of visiting relatives was much higher than that in previous years. Different forms of party events helped urban-star hotel and the rise of dining reservations rate.

In recent years, great efforts have been made in making Hengyang a national civilized city. As civilized tourism propagandas have been advocated everywhere, the overall degree of tourists' civilization has been significantly improved than that in the past. Some uncivilized phenomenon has also greatly reduced, such as jumping a queue casually, dropping litter carelessly, making a racket and destroying the historical relics. During the early May Day holiday, city tourism quality supervision departments attached importance to law enforcement inspection in scenic safety, tourism consumption, launch of tourism bus and order of tourism markets, which achieved the maintenance of the holiday tourism markets in good order.

No major tourist complaints and travel safety accidents happened at the whole holiday. Steady and rapid development was also maintained to continue.

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