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Tourism projects Booster the Universe Tourism Development of Hengyang
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:34 [A  A]

   Since this year, closely centering on the demand of building a "powerful tourist city", Hengyang has given full play to resource advantages, sped up the development and construction of tourism scenic spots and improved tourism infrastructure, so that marked achievements are scored in the development of tourism, and tourism economy continues to maintain steady and relatively fast growth momentum.
    Located near the Hengyang high-speed rail station, the total investment of Libo International Hotel project reaches 1.1 billion yuan, covering an area of 246 mu and the building area is 160,000 square meters, the construction of which is based on five-star hotel standard. On the construction site, what jumped into our view is the waterscape of waterfall that is under construction. Workers are carefully embedding cement rock slices around the pools, which form the scene of artificial rock.
    As is introduced, this project has designed three waterscapes: the waterfall type, the static type and the fountain type. Situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream with construction being finished, the hotel enjoys the charm of unique ecological leisure vacation with river view. Hotel is divided into northern and southern part, with southern one served as business hotel, golf training hall, villa, etc; And northern one consists of a five-star hotel, banquet center, central waterscape square, etc. At present, the project has completed main work of facilities such as the soil building, roads, drainage and underground pipe network and parking lots; The project of greening, waterscape engineering has completed 70%, while fire protection and interior decoration have completed 50% of the work amount.
    It is introduced by project general manager Zhang Zhenxing that the reason why Libo International Hotel chose Hengyang took a fancy to Hengyang is because of its development advantage on the tourism industry. In addition to the advantaged Mount Hengshan, there is also one batch of red tourism attractions such as Anti-Japanese War memorial city, Luo Ronghuan Former Residence and so on. Meanwhile, the three-dimensional transportation network of highway, high-speed rail and airport let strengths of Hengyang tourism development more apparent.
    Next step, project will focus on improving the supporting construction of infrastructure, creating comprehensive tourism projects of eating, living, entertaining and enjoying, which is beneficial to really ushering in the visitors to Hengyang and staying in Hengyang. Libo International Hotel is the epitome of comprehensively pushing forward with the whole city's tourism key projects. This year, 23 Hengyang tourism key projects altogether were brought into the modern service industry key projects with a total investment of 33.68 billion yuan. Among them, the project of sports culture health resort in Huijin Hengnan · Laiyin waterside has completed the investment of 480 million yuan; Mount Tianzishan fire culture park has completed the investment of 139 million yuan; Tourism resort project of south city district of Nanyue has completed the investment of 67.74 million yuan; Hengyang Libo International Hotel project has completed the investment of 74.61 million yuan; Mount Yanchishan park of Changning city has completed the investment of about 127 million yuan.
    At the same time, the first three quarters of this year have witnessed the city's positive tourism development and we received 43.6576 million tourists from home and abroad, realizing combined tourism revenue of 29.26 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 11.75% and 23.84% respectively; The reception of domestic tourists reached 43.6214 million, with year-on-year growth of 11.66%; We achieved the tourism income of 28.46 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 23.52%; We received 36,200 inbound tourists, with 3.81% up on year-on-year basis; Tourism revenues achieved $11.201 million, with year-on-year growth of 3.39%, which ranks in the forefront of that of the whole province.
    On the next stage, Hengyang aims to build international tourism destination, further taps potential tourist resources, improves the tourism product structure, elongates tourism industry chain and supplements the tourism economy weaknesses. We strives to make a breakthrough of 56 million received tourists from home and abroad in the city in 2016, reaching 37 billion yuan tourism revenue, so as to drive the city's economic and social development.

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