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Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism Held A Travel Marketing Symposium
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:34 [A  A]

    In order to carry out the conference spirit of city's tourism development, fully implement the universe tour strategy, further tap the potential, fill in shortfalls, and integrate the co-marketing of tourism resources in our city, Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism held a travel marketing symposium on the morning of December 27th. Persons in charge of Nanyue District Ministry of Tourism, parts of the A-level scenic spots, star-rated rural tourism service areas attended the meeting which is presided over by the director Xiangqian.
    The conference first heard the report of Nanyue Ministry of Tourism on the cooperation between Nanyue District and surrounding scenic spots. By way of government leadership, market operation and enterprise participation, Nanyue District expected to realize the cooperation on facets such as co-recommendation of routes, sharing of tourist sources, exchange of advertising spaces and the set-up of promotion center for each other. The participants offered a lot of constructive suggestions on how to make good collaboration and achieve mutual benefits: First, we shall reach consensus on cooperation of scenic areas and proactively respond to the call of the Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism. Each scenic spots fully cooperates with each other and formulates preferential policies to make the best of the superiority of visitor quantity in Nanyue so that the development of other scenic spots is promoted; Second, our city's tourism development should no longer only thrive in Nanyue area, and Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism should centralize resources to break the geographical restrictions, form the thought of a game of chess and strengthen the policy support, in order that the overall development of the city's travel industry is enhanced; Third, the city's network marketing is not strong enough, due to backward means of publicity, which should achieve a variety of marketing both online and offline.
     After listening to the exchange of statements, the deputy director Wang Wenhua put forward four points on how to do better marketing work for the next step: First, the Hengyang Municipal Ministry of Tourism will take more measures in 2017 to do a good job on tourism marketing. Various counties or cities, scenic areas or spots also have to strengthen efforts to promote the publicity by multiple methods; Second, the tourism scenic areas and spots are supposed to further upgrade their packaging to do a good job of excavating travel resources; Third, actively dock and keep close contact with Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism, and cooperate with each marketing kob of it; Fourth, emancipate the mind, integrate resources and funds, form synergy, make joint marketing as well as overall promotion.
     The director Xiangqian made important instructions on publicity and marketing job of travel market and stressed that the idea of them has to be changed under new situation, and that we should reach consensus on universe tourism and carry out the overall marketing. He also put forward specific requirements: First, to do a better good job in marketing, work such as the printing of publicity materials, the exploitation of tourism products, services of tour guides and the improvement of supporting infrastructures, the newly-issued preferential policies should be made as soon as possible by each scenic areas and spots; Second, led by Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism, dominated by the Bureau of Market Development Division and Industry Planning Division, and linked by every Ministry of Tourism, travel agencies as well as scenic areas and spots, we must carefully plan tourist routes of Hengyang city and create competitive products; Third, each tourist attractions should send personnel to enter places like tourist service centers of Hengyang city, Nanyue district and Songlu street of Nanyue that are prepare to build in east station of Hengyang High-speed Rail by Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism, and take full advantage of them as advertising intermediaries; Fourth, bring travel agencies into full play and docks well with travel bureaus of local places, surrounding provinces and cities to introduce tourists; Fifth, actively participate in and match well with upcoming jobs such as travel guiding maps of scenic areas and spots in the whole city, issue of combination tickets of tourist attractions and online marketing by Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism; Sixth, Hengyang Municipal Bureau of Foreign Civil Complaints on Tourism will insist on the general direction of promotion, seek unity of raising funds, packaging and designing products as well as conducting sales campaign, win an initial success of holistic tourism brand and widen travel market. Each scenic spots should coordinate with combined actions and achieve full travel development.

Sponsored by Hengyang Municipal People's Government, Undertaken by Hengyang Normal University
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