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Travel Tips for Spring Festival
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:38:34 [A  A]

    With the Spring Festival drawing near, some merchants make discounts for promotion. They use stunts like buy products with vouchers as gifts, so that guests are induced to consume and actually deceived. For this reason, Hengyang Travel Quality Supervision and Control Station especially put forward the following warnings for vast visitors:
    First, confirm the qualification of travel agencies and choose legitimate one.
    Travel agency is a licensed business, outbound tourism in particular. So when choosing a travel agency, we need to confirm its business scope. Take notice to check "travel agency business license" or "travel service bureau for the record registration certificate" or "travel agency service outlets for the record registration certificate" issued by the Management Department of Ministry of Tourism. License and certificate of registration of filing specify contents such as the license number, name of travel agency, business premises, business scope of licensed business, etc.
    Second, to sign a contract with the travel agency and be alert to illegal tour groups change or pooling.
    According to the chosen travel destinations, we need to determine the sorts of signed contract ( "Team Outbound Tour Contract", "Team Domestic Tour Contract", "Mainland Chinese to Taiwan Tour Contract"). While signing tour contracts, we must make clear the basic contents such as tourist route, distance of travel, scenic spots, transportation, accommodation arrangement and standard, times of shopping and dwell time, rights and obligations of both sides, liability for breach of contract, demand and keep the invoice properly. Contracts, travel itineraries, invoices or receipts are important evidences, which can be used as proofs in the event of disputes in the future. Change or pooling of tour groups are common phenomena in the travel agency business. According to the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the premise of transferring tour group is to obtain the consent of tourists. Whatever service quality problems happen, we must first take on responsibilities with travel agencies which we have signed contracts with, and then claim for compensations.
   Third, choose quality travel, refuse "unreasonable low-priced tour"
    The so-called "unreasonable low-priced tour" refers to the fact that when local travel agencies treat teams of tourists, they make no money but only charge at cost, sometimes even lower than the cost price. For tourism activities like "free-of-charge tour", group-organizing travel agencies from tourist generating region does not need to pay any fee to local travel agencies from destination, and they are only responsible for transporting passengers. In this mode, reception costs, enterprise profits, required taxes and guide fees of local travel agencies all come from the high capitation fee charged by guides and kickbacks from the signed bills by tourism service providers; Tour guides of local travel agencies give priority to guide tourists to go shopping and join self-paying activities. Local travel agencies and tour guides get more projects with commissions. Just as the saying "the wool is on sheep's body", enterprises will not do business at a loss. Tourists seems to pay less membership fee, but travel costs are actually more expensive than normal quality tour.
    Fourth, civilized tourism and rational rights protection are of high significance.
    In case that travel agency did not perform travel contract or have a default plot, such as changing the star level of hotel, lowering the standards of dining, increasing projects of shopping or self-paying, visitors should truthfully record facts and consequences of default, so that it will be convenient to complain to the Department of Tourism Quality Supervision in the future. Otherwise, protocol changes of  tourists, such as being temporarily away from the group or voluntarily giving up the project, should also be notified to the travel agency in advance. Hengyang Tourism Quality Supervision and Management Station remind masses of tourists that, in the process of journey, if any tourism service quality problems or disputes occur, the tourists must not take extreme activities such as deny boarding a flight, bus or ship, and artificially worsen state of affairs or disputes, which will get in the way of tourism activities.

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