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Article List
[2631964] A Report of the Tourism 2018 Dragon Boat Festival Holiday
  In 2018, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday was celebrated in June 16-18. In this traditional festival, many foreign citizens went home for the festival, but also m... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[2631963] Investigation of Rural Tourism in Shigu District by Hengyang Municipal Tourism Bureau
  On July 10, the director of Hengyang Tourism Bureau for oversea Chinese affairs led his team to investigate the construction and development of rural tourism in S... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[2631962] To Walk Out a Distinctive Path of“Cultural Travel”
  On March 6, Duan Zhigang, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Party Group of the Standing Committee of the Hengyang People's Congress went into Hengnan Co... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[2631961] Hot Tourism Market in Cold Weather
  Two days before this year's Qingming Holiday, the weather in Hengyang was humid and cold, but the tourism market still maintained a steady and high growth trend. ... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[2631960] Promotional Activities of Festival and Travel in Hezhou Held in Hengyang
  In the April 15th morning , the promotion - " March 3rd Festival of Zhuang, come and travel in Hezhou " was held in our city. Wang Wenhua, deputy director of Heng... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[2631958] France's Tourism Development Agency Launches Tourism Promotion Conference
  On the afternoon of April 17, the French Tourist Promotion Conference was held in the multi-functional banquet hall of Linyin Holiday Hotel in Hengyang .It introd... ---- LastUpdate:2018-10-13
[1416647] Positive measures to guarantee the success of flood control in Tourism of Hengyang
  Since it has stepped in the flood season, Hengyang has been lashed by continuous heavy rainfall, especially on June 24th when the whole city saw a consecutive rai... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-17
[1416646] The Standing Committee of Hengyang Municipal CPC Committee Carrying out activities of "6.25 serving the people day"
  On 22nd June, Standing Committee of Hengyang Municipal People's Congress organized Municipal Department of Education, Science and Technology Agency, Health and Fa... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-17
[1416644] Hengyang Overseas Affairs Bureau of Religious Affairs 's participating in the celebrations of Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines in GuangZhou
  On 12nd June, 2017, invited by Mrs. Marie Charlotte G. Tang, the Consul General of Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines in Guangzhou, Xiang Qian, ... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-17
[1416642] Hengyang Overseas Affairs Bureau of Religious Affairs' inspecting and guiding tourism work of Hengdong County
  On 6th June, Li Xin, the Deputy Director of Hengyang Overseas Bureau of Religious Affairs, went to Hengdong County to inspect and guide tasks of A level tourist a... ---- LastUpdate:2017-10-17
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