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Article List
[779470] Liu Rixuan made special tourism investigations
  On the morning of April 12th, Liu Rixuan, the vice chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference , with other companions, came to Zhuhui District to mad... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[779469] Zhou Haibing intensively scheduled the construction of key tourism projects
  Since the March of this year,Zhou Haibing, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Hengyang has Intensively scheduled the construction of city's ... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[779468] Dongzhou Island to be constructed as high-leveled scenic spot
  On the afternoon of the May 30th, Zhou Haibing, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Hengyang special scheduled the project construction of Do... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[779467] Travel in Hengyang soars on the Dragon Boat Festival
  To fully carry out the work during tourism in the Dragon Boat Festival, the travel and foreign affairs management bureau of Hengyang made deployment beforehand an... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[779466] CPPCC of Hengyang held criticizing conference of the tourism works
  On June 21st, the 11th CPPCC of Hengyang held the 28th standing committee and the democratic criticizing conference of the tourism works. The president of the CPP... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[779465] Xiang Qian went into deep research in Hengdong county
  On April 2nd, Xiang Qian, the director of the Hengyang Foreign Affairs Bureau, went into deep research about the issues of red tourism and the rural ecotourism of... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-11-13
[724611] Diaspora Outside Municipal Tourism Bureau carries out fire fighting knowledge and educational training
  In the morning of 6th August, in order to strengthen all cadres and workers’ fire fighting awareness further, increase the coping capacity, as well as self-rescu... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-08-29
[724610] Diaspora Outside the Municipal Tourism Bureau looks deeply into the inspection of tourism security
  Recently, in order to screen the potential risks and assure the security thoroughly during the Mid-autumn holiday, as well as National Day holiday, the Diaspora O... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-08-29
[702020] Hengyang Rural Eco-tourism Festival And Hengnan County Baogai Town Ginkgo Culture Festival will Open
  On November 13th, Hengnan county Baogai town was crowded and in festival mood. 2015 China・Hengyang Rural Eco-tourism Festival and Hengnan County Baogai Town Gink... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-02-18
[702019] Hengyang to Carry Out the "Best Rural Eco-tourism Destination" Selection Activity
  2015 China・Hengyang Rural Eco-tourism Festival and Hengnan County Baogai Town Ginkgo Culture Festival will open on November 13th. As an important part of the fes... (0 Hits)---- LastUpdate:2016-02-18
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