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Health Knowledge About Travel in Summer
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2018-07-23 15:32:33 [A  A]

  Summer is a good season for people to go out. What should tourists pay attention to in travel?

Diet  As to the food, travel would consume lots of water. So it is better to drink more soup and eat more fresh and non-fatty foods. It is a good choice to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and it would be a better choice to add some lean meat and eat fried. Tourists should eat greasy foods as less as possible to prevent causing indigestion. Many people feel thirsty when climbing, so they drink a lot regardless of consequences because they think spring water is cool. In fact, it is not a good habit, since there are harmful minerals in some springs and pollution may be very serious in some places. The polluted spring water may be harmful to your health. So bringing their own water or purified water is the best option to avoid drinking contaminated water or substandard water which may cause gastrointestinal diseases.

Clothes Wearing comfortably is the key point. For example, it is better not to wear leather shoes, especially new shoes to prevent grinding bubble and affecting the itinerary. Baggy and casual wear is better. And it is unwise to wear suits because it may make people feel extremely inconvenient during activities. Wearing a sunhat is good choice to avoid strong ultraviolet ray which is harmful to skin. And direct sunlight will make people feel dizzy, and someone in severe cases may result in dermatitis. 

Housing Tourists should choose the hotels with good ventilation and lighting or choose the star hotel if the budget for tour permits. It is best to have a hot bath and foot soak before going to bed. Tourists should rub foot or massage calves after long time walking, which will enhance blood circulation. It is best not to open air conditioner all through the night while sleeping for fear of catching cold and being weak in the next day. 

Swimming  At first, choosing a swimming pool with good water quality when selecting swimming projects. Because there are water bugs in some swimming pools, which will not only damage skin but also cause a number of diseases. Don`t swim outdoors when the sunlight is strong because of the ultraviolet light and reflection of water, which will cause damage to the skin.

 Finally, don't forget to take some heatstroke preventive and diarrhea medicines.

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