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Be More Alert to Save Money in Package Tour
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2018-07-23 15:28:12 [A  A]

  The unnecessary expense in travel mainly includes three aspects:

  Generally speaking, the main problems of unnecessary expenses results from the high profit required by the scenic spots, shopping malls and travel agencies.
Except for the missed spots,the problem of undefined tourist charge exists commonly. For example, some travel agencies never sign and clearly mark the self-financed tour in the previous plan. But when you arrive there,you will charge it for yourself because the rare chance to get there. Actually,the tickets,such as that of Disney which is up to over 200 yuan, can be included in the package in some travel agencies. But the situation is not the same with all agencies. In this circumstance,it is obvious that we waste money during travel.

  The main aspect of unnecessary expenses is shopping. With the acquaintance of the custom’s habit, some sophisticated travel agencies consider tourists’ shopping as the most profitable part of the package tour. However, most tourists would buy the souvenirs in the fixed shopping malls chosen by the travel agencies, where some shabby commodities would be mixed in the products.

  The insiders reveal that the gold bought in Southeast Asia is in  high price but the gold gradually fades and the percentage of the gold would be lacking. If you could find out problems at that moment, you may not suffer the loss of money. While, if you have already come back, nothing can be done to get back the loss.

  Travel agencies, imposing extra charges to tourists after the previous quoted prices, get high profits in this way.

 According to survey, due to monotonous market product and stable consumer groups, travel agencies added high profits to the quoted price in outbound tourism at the beginning of 1990s. For example, the 15-day package travel to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau, which was quite profitable at market, was sold at the price of about 13 800 yuan including 3 000 yuan high profits charged by travel agencies. However, the phenomenon disappeared in the early 21 century when excess profits was replaced by small profit.

It is reported that the average profit of outbound tourism ranges from 300 yuan to 500 yuan today, which is a quite fair profit to a service which provides diet, housing, traffic and sight-viewing.

  Travelers Should Learn to Separate the Price

  Experts from research center of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences indicated that travelers should learn to separate the price and choose an economic way in package travel. Generally speaking, the cost charged by travel agencies includes price of  hotels, tickets for scenic spots, food, transportation and service. At present, profit of domestic travel agencies is from 5% to 15%, international ones from 10% to 20%, which are quite clear. They can get a large discount by cooperations with airline companies, hotels and scenic spots by a long-term partnership. One part of the profit becomes the final profit of the agency and the other part is returned to consumers. If you put each part of the cost as market price together, the sum will exceed the price of travel agencies. Otherwise, it’s a cheat.

  The experts of tourism believe that the customs should compare the price of each agency whether the price is fair according to their service. In addition, it is beneficial for customs to make a contrast between the price of the destination among different travel agencies before your final shot.

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