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Self-emergency in Travel
From:衡阳党政门户网 | Date Add in:2018-07-23 15:26:50 [A  A]

  Going out for a trip has already been a fashion which can help promote physical and mental health while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Here are some common senses about health protection in trips offered for you.

Prevention for carsickness

  Swirl, nausea, vomit and other carsick(seasick) syndromes will find some of us while we are going out by vehicles or ships. Precautions are as follows: take some medicine like theohydramin and diphenhydramine half an hour before getting on the car; get plenty of sleep at the night before traveling and do not overeat on that morning; you’d better sit in the middle of the vehicle, close to the windows.

Nostril bleeding

  The following measures can be taken to stop nostrils bleeding: cover the forehead, nasal dorsum and both two sides of the neck with a towel or cloth soaked in cold or ice water; wad clean cotton, patches of gauze or cloth into the noses tightly, and it would be better if the cotton, patches of gauze or cloth has been soaked with some epinephrine, ephedrine and Yunnan Baiyao; pinch the nose tightly with the thumb and forefinger for 5 to 10 minutes.

Something getting into eyes

  Don’t rub your eyes immediately when some dust and sand get into them in case of giving rise to syndesmitis and keratitis. In this case you can close your eyes at once and move your eyeballs from time to time; or lift up and put down your upper eyelid with your thumb and forefinger repeatedly so that the thing will come out together with tears; make your upper and lower eyelid inside out with your fingers and look for the thing carefully, then wipe it away with handkerchief or cotton roll soaked with cold or warm water. 

Bug flying into ears

  Once a little bug flies into ear, a simple way is to drop some oil like vegetable oil and sesame oil or some warm water or cold boiled water into ears so as to make it drowned or limit its activity by sticking its arms, legs and wings. Next is going to the hospital to get it out with the help of doctors.

Foot sprain

  If you unfortunately get foot sprain while climbing a mountain, do not rub the hurt foot or soak it in hot water immediately in case of worsening the situation. The right way to deal with it is to cover the injured place with towel or cloth soaked with cold or ice water. If possible, some spasmolytic can be sprayed on the injury to lower the temperature. Lift up the injured foot while sleeping and soak it in hot water the next day.


  If there is a fracture in your upper or lower limbs, don’t move the limb skeleton of the fracture blindly. Before going to the hospital, you can make the fracture limb fixed with something around you like a long branch or wattle tied up by a rope or bandage , in case of worsening the situation caused by shifting. 

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