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Tips for Coping with Flight Delays or Cancellations
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2017-11-25 18:03:36 [A  A]

  Unfavourable weather conditions are a reality of travel, as are the potential for airline bankruptcies. In the face of these obstacles, everyone should be prepared for disruptions to trip itineraries.  These helpful tips will ensure your flight plans go as smoothly as possible.

  Booking another flight:

  If your flight is cancelled but you need to get to your destination, then re-booking your flight is likely the only option.

  If you have access to the internet, you can go online and check to see if your airline can transfer you onto another flight, or check your e-mail if you booked online as the airline may have already done so.  Calling through to the airlines` 1-800 number may be a better choice than facing the endless airport kiosk lines.  In many cases, the agents on the phone have more information than those in the airport.

  If you have travel insurance available through Travel Guard, call the 24/7 toll-free number for assistance in re-booking.

  Some airports` self-service check-in machines allow you to put your name on a stand-by list for the next available flight.  And, if you booked your flight through a travel agent, call them immediately as they may be able to get you on another flight.

  Cancel or postpone:

  If your trip is not urgent and can be re-booked for a later date, consider postponing or canceling.  If you decide to cancel or postpone, contact your travel insurance provider, travel agent or the airline right away to ensure that your airline ticket is valid for future use or to get a refund on your ticket.

  Travel insurance available through Travel Guard provides one phone number to call if you want assistance with your travel arrangements - anytime, day or night, 24/7.  Calling this number can often be faster than airline representatives whether you`re booking another flight or changing arrangements. In addition, Travel Guard offers a unique Concierge Service - which goes well beyond travel insurance coverage to assist you on your trip. This service can help you book restaurant reservations or find tickets to a show if by chance you find yourself stuck in a city due to flight cancellations or delays.  Concierge Service can even help you find the nearest florist to apologize to a loved one for being late.

  Wait out the storm in comfort:

  If your flight is cancelled you may decide to get a hotel room.  Many airports offer discounts for on-site hotels in these situations, making the wait a much more relaxing experience.  You can relax watching a movie or use the time to get some extra work done, all in the comfort of a hotel room!  Travel insurance with trip cancellation and interruption coverage can provide a subsistence allowance for such necessities as accommodation and meals in these situations.

  Keep your luggage in check:

  If you find out that your flight is cancelled or delayed before you check your bags, add overnight essentials into your carry-on, just in case.  If your flight is delayed or cancelled and you`ve already cleared customs and checked your luggage, you can request an overnight kit from the airline.  Some airports and airlines will help you get necessary items for an extended airport stay such as toiletries, pillows and other staples or help you to book a room.  If you manage to get another flight, make sure that the airline knows where your bags are and that they`re headed to your final destination.


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