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Hypnosis to Get Sleep When Traveling
From:衡阳新闻网 | Date Add in:2017-11-25 17:55:11 [A  A]

  Here are some methods to get sleep when you are traveling, which can be useful.

  I. The journey should not be planned too tightly and tensely to avoid the tense brought by the travel, since tense would easily lead to sleeplessness. One of the right method is to drink one cup of vinegar which has been thinned by water.

  II. To sleep in a comfortable atmosphere and stick to the sleeping time and direction as normal is very essential to have a good sleep during travel. Some like eating some bread and drink some milk, which is also good method to help get good sleep.

  III. Another good method to get sleep is to take a hot shower to relax your muscle and nerves. And you can also knead your legs and arms and some acupuncture points on the sole, which can have a great effect to relieve insomnia. 

  IV. If the methods mentioned above didn’t help you get sleep, you can take some medicine like sleeping pills. However, please remember to take only one before go the sleep.


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