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Shopping Malls and Supermarkets in Leiyang City
From: | Date Add in:2017-10-13 13:59:43 [A  A]
Leiyang Supply and Sale Mansion Address: 97th East Wuyi Road, Leiyang City
Contact: 0734-4353879(supermarket)
       0734-4328412(aftersale service)
Leiyang Jinzhu Maoye Shopping Mall Address: South Cailun Road, Leiyang City
Contact: 0734-4269249
Leiyang Taiyuan Mall Address: 116th East Wuyi Road, Leiyang City
Contact: 0734-4376588
Leiyang Saiqun Shopping Mall Address: Yunseng Business Center, Leiyang City
Contact: 0734-4357766
Leiyang Luo Wine Supermarket Address: 83th Daqiao Road, Leiyang City
Contact: 0734-4351555
Leiyang Jia Fule Supermarket Address: the intersection on Wuyi Road and Qunying Road
Contact: 0734-4379986
Leiyang Happy Family Supermarket Address: walking business street, Leiyang City.
Contact: 0734-4326758
Leiyang Kangjia Supermarket Address: next to Jincai Mall on West Lake Road, Leiyang City
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