An Online Investigation on the Online Shopping and Physical Stores in Hengyang
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Dear netizens:
  Online shopping have become an important part of modern people’s life. To better comprehend the attitude of netizens toward online shopping, an online investigation is being publicized, waiting for your participation and feedback. The investigation duration will be lasted until December 31 2016.


1.Did you buy anything online this year?
B.1-5 times.
C.5-30 times.
D.More than 30 times.


2.Which kind of shopping do you prefer?
A.Online shopping.
B.TV shopping.
C.Shopping in physical stores.


3.Which one is cheaper in your eyes, shopping online or in physical stores?
A.Shopping online.
B.Shopping in physical stores.
C.Pretty much the same.
D.Have no idea.


4.How serious do you think the influence of online shopping on shopping in physical stores?
A.Pretty serious.
B.Just so so.
C.Not so much.
D.No influence at all.


5.What advantages do you think do the online stores have against physical stores?
A.The price is much lower.
B.Shopping online is much more convenient.
C.The goods online are more various.
D.The service online is much better.
E.Shopping online can save more time.


6.What did you buy online, domestic goods or foreign goods?
A.Domestic goods.
B.Foreign goods


7.What do you think is superior in quality and cheaper, domestic goods or foreign goods?
A. Domestic goods.
B. Foreign goods.


8.Have you ever bought fake goods online?


9.How do you think of the prospect for online stores and physical stores?
A.The popularity of online shopping is temporary.
B.Online stores will be the only choice for shoppers in the future.
C.Both of online stores and physical stores are evenly matched.

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