Residence Permit for Caring for Parents
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Overseas Chinese 18 years and above must fill out a form and submit following relevant materials on return to China in order to take care of their parents over 60 years old with no children in China.

1.Filling in Alien Visa or Residence Permit Application Form and Overseas Visitors’ Basic Information Sheet in black ink.

2.A two-inch photo with white background (full face without hat).

3.Applicant’s valid passport including pages of basic information, visa and recent entry stamp.

4.Applicant’s Registration Form of Temporary Accommodation registered in local police station or hotels with internet connection with the Exit Entry Administration Department in Changsha.

5. Mainland residents ID card, Changsha residential certification or residence proof of living in Changsha for more than half a year of dependents.

6. Notarized Family relationship certificates and proof of dependents having no kids in China

7. Materials of applicant’s economic resources, house property right or house leasing certificate that are notarized.

8. Other documents if public security department deems necessary.


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