Permanent Residence for Foreign Experts Recruited via "Thousand Talents Program"
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1. Application Qualifications

Those professionals, recruited via “Thousand Talents Program” of Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Service Center for Expert & Overseas Chinese Scholars of the Ministry of Personnel Human Resources and Social Security, may apply for permanent residence in China.

2. Required Materials

(1) Original and copy of valid passport and visa;

(2) Four recent 2-inch color photos, showing full-face with no hat and taken against a light blue background;

(3) Letters of recommendation issued by a ministry, commission or bureau affiliated with the State Council;

(4)Original and copy of valid `Foreign Experts Certificate` or `Alien Employment Permit`

(5) Official certificate of awards;

(6) Certificate of invention holding world influence or great value;

(7)If the spouse applied at the same time, the original and copy of “Marriage Certificate” shall be submitted;

(8)A health certificate issued by Hunan Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau or the health certificate signed and issued by foreign health and medical institute (The health certificate shall be issued within 6 months before the application.)

(9) Proof of no criminal record abroad and in China, issued within 6 months before the application;

(10) In case the children are below 18 years of age at the time of application, the original and copy of “Birth Certificate” or “Paternity Certificate” shall be submitted;

(11) Applicant’s CV (with no gaps in the time between college and application)

(12) Completed “Application Form of Aliens for Permanent Residence in China” (filled out in black ink)

(13) If the applicant is an overseas Chinese, proof of citizenship, passport, and the certification of household registration write-off issued by police station shall be submitted;

(14) Other necessary evidences.


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